Saturday, March 9, 2013

January Fun!!!

On Grandma Bailey's birthday we went shopping with her... 
the strollers at RC Willey were such a hit.

While Chloe fell asleep at the mall, Kinley enjoyed her own carousel ride.

Kinley is OBSESSED with playing in my bathroom cupboard.  
She goes straight for the lotion.... 
at least she smells good when I don't get there fast enough

Chloe loves having her cousin Drew over as much as possible.  
They are becoming the best of friends.

Mommy and Chloe doing some shopping and trying out the newest trends

Once again the girls are doing each others hair.  They have become such the best of friends and I love it.  I hope that they will always be so close.

Moms photo shoot.  
Chloe is turning three soon and Kinley is almost 19 months.  They are so different but so stinking cute.  They are my life and I can't imagine our lives without these two princesses.

I love how it starts with great smiles then fun kisses, sweet hugs and then straight to the wrestling on the ground (daddy taught them well:)) and then back to their fun peek-a-boo game and then their ballerina dancing.  These two keep me on my toes and there is never a dull moment.  I love you Chloe and Kinley!!