Saturday, March 9, 2013


Christmas 2012

So many fun things going on during the holidays.  We were so happy to be with our families.  It was crazy to actually be living in Delta and not having to worry about driving home to Cedar City.  We started the holidays off with several visits to see Santa Clause.  We met up with all of the cousins in St. George and paid Santa a visit.  

Got to love these girls... especially when Kinley puts her hands down her pants:)

All 6 granddaughters with Grandpa and Grandma

Christmas party at Grandma Smiths house.  
Kinley is starting to get what the whole present thing is about.

Chloe loves her new Fijit named Seraphina

Facetiming Uncle Todd.... I just loved Kinley's little smile

I just love it when I come out and see the girls playing and doing each others hair

Visited Santa again at the new Pharmacy in town
Christmas Eve

Santa came and visited Grandma Chris's house on Christmas Eve.  
We also had a little "Cindy Lou Who" of our own.  This was at the end of the day when it's all falling out.  It turned out pretty cute!!

Playing Christmas games, and we lost:(

Kinley finding herself content like usual in the grandmas play corner

Kinley's turn with Santa.  She does so good with him, never once flinched

Chloe had so much fun playing games with us too. 
 I was surprised how well she could stack the cups!!

Girls got "nap mats" from Grandma and they were a hit.  

More of cute Kinley

Christmas Morning

I loved Chloe's facial expression when she woke up and saw what Santa brought her.  We had to wake them up so it took her a minute to think about what was going on.  

The kitchen was quite a hit and same with the princesses and puzzles and more.  She didn't know where to start cause she was so excited.

The girls were so much fun.  
I love being a parent during the holidays.... it's so fun to see your kids so excited!!

Grandma's house on Christmas Day!!

The girls loved their strollers they got from grandma and grandpa

Our cute little family!!
Our gingerbread house for the year.... such a fun tradition!!
Kinley being her mischievous self.... she's either hiding or just up to something.  She always has the cutest little smile on her face that's all I know:)
Sledding the day after with cousin Sienna
I couldn't believe how tough these girls are.  They literally had snow on their eyelashes.  The snow from the snowmobile kept pushing the snow to the girls.  They were such troopers!! They had so much fun and LOVE their cousin Sienna!!