Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here are some of our pictures that we just had done. They turned out really good. We just can't wait until our next session, that means that our little baby Chloe Christensen will be here!! Yep that's right we have a name now it's just a matter of getting her here, just 7 more weeks!!

(These were taken at 30 weeks)

We tried to add some fun props, of course golf was the first thing that came to mind!!

I am still doing really well. I have had the best pregnancy!! To this day I have still never thrown up. Just felt nausea & some headaches. The nursery is just about done. Chase has been such a sport to help out. Now it's just the finishing touches like pictures, etc. I am still working & will continue until I deliver. I can't believe how fast time is going. As soon as the holidays are over I know that day will be here so fast!! As of right now I am still right on schedule!! I keep telling myself to plan on February, you just never know?

Our friend & photographer was really awesome. To check out her blog I have her link under AK Studios!

Christmas Party!

Work Christmas Party!!
(33 weeks)

My boss & his wife spoil us for the Holidays & let us come to their beautiful home & have a really fancy evening. After our yummy appetizers & dinner (thanks to Kris:)) we gave Dr. White the quilt that we made them for Christmas. We all got together one day & tied this quilt. It turned out so so nice thanks to Lynn. We finished the fun night off with playing our annual Walleyball tournament & some yummy dessert! Thanks again Dr. White & Kris, it was so much fun!!

Christmas Parties

This year we got invited to the Premier Pediatrics Christmas Party!! As their accountant, Chase does a lot with Dr. Dowse & his family. We went & had a yummy dinner at the University's cabin. Afterwards we played a fun 12 days of Christmas game/relay.

Here are the pictures of Chase & what he got to do to help his team out.

Yep that's right he's chugging a bottle of egg nog. Sad to say but he regretted it the rest of the night!!:(

Toys for Tots Softball Tournament

This weekend we spent it in St. George at a softball tournament. Chase was invited to play w/ some friends that were sponsored by Premier Pediatrics. It was pretty much the coldest I have ever been in St. George. But after about 4 games they were done & that meant we got to go shopping & GET WARM!!

This picture is at 32 weeks! We're almost there, just 8 more weeks!!

My cute Chaser!!

The TEAM!!


Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from our Thanksgiving Day or weekend. But I would feel bad if I didn't at least write about it or write down what I am thankful for.
This year we spent the day with Chase's family! Our dinner was delicious and very entertaining thanks to our super cute niece Sienna.
Delta has their fun traditions that usually take place every year: Chase got to play football w/ friends Thanksgiving morning, watching lots of football, going to the Festival of Trees & last but not least the LIGHT PARADE down main street.

This year the things that I am especially THANKFUL for are:
-My husband Chase, his love & support for me & willingness to work so hard so that I can become a stay-at-home mom.
-Our baby Chloe that will soon be here!!
-My amazing job that I am so sad to be leaving soon:(
-My beautiful home
-My amazing family
-My beliefs in the Lord, Jesus Christ
-My testimony of Eternal Families!!

Cedar Shower

My awesome friends in Cedar had the cutest shower for me!! All of the girls I work with which are my closest friends here, went all out & it was super fun!! Julie did the decorating, if you can't tell she is a pro at it!!:) Thanks Diane for letting us come to your beautiful home!

We were spoiled w/ everyone's yummy treats!!

My mom & grandma made the trip for the special day!

These two girls are some really close Young Women of mine. I don't see them much anymore because our wards got split but they came & it totally made my day!!!

Not only did it make my day to see them & another close friend from my old ward (Kaylynn Neilsen & her daughter Kole), but they brought a quilt that all the young women made for the baby! I know this picture is super not cute on my part but I had to show off the quilt. I started to cry because it caught me off guard & meant so much to me!! Thanks Spanish Trails for your love & support!!!

Thanks to everyone that made this shower possible!!!

The best companions EVER!!!

Yep that's right, I served with the best sister missionaries EVER!! I don't get to see them that often, which is super sad. But we were able to get together for a baby shower & it was so much fun!! We spent the whole night talking, eating yummy food & getting caught up. I wish I lived closer to these guys, they are such good friends. I am so lucky to have served with them! Thanks everyone for coming it really meant a lot.

The only comps that didn't make it were those that live out of state. Lindsey in California, Jenna is in Texas & Xhesika in Albania.

Smith Baby Shower

Well it is crazy to think that it's already time to start having baby showers but with the holidays it just worked out to have one this weekend with my dad's family. I am 28 weeks in these pictures & if you can't tell yes my face is getting pretty puffy.

It was so much fun to see all of my Smith Family. Since my family moved to Delta we don't get to see them that often.

The shower turned out super nice & baby Chloe got some really fun & cute things!!

Here is me with my best friend & cousin Elisa.

Here is one of the cutest quilts my mom made. I love it & can't wait to use it!!

Here is another one of the blankets my mom made... she's pretty talented if you can't tell:)

I didn't get a whole lot of pictures with the rest of my family, but thanks to everyone who helped & came it sure meant a lot.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SUU vs UC Davis

Chase & I decided to take advantage of the great weather on Saturday & go to the SUU game. It actually ended up being a pretty good game. SUU won & is now tied for first place in their conference. We keep reminding ourselves that pretty soon we won't be able to be so spontaneous, so we try to take advantage of every moment!! So does anyone have any suggestions on what to do before your life changes with a little one?!?

Drew's Baby Blessing!

This last Sunday Chase & I went home for our nieces baby blessing. Just wanted to post this really cute picture of Chase holding her in her gorgeous blessing dress!!


Yep the costume is pretty silly but this is as good as it gets for us!! We haven't been much into the Halloween thing in the past... so we thought we'd give it a try.

We went to a really fun couples party that night & had a blast. Here we are with our really good friends Julie & Craig. We have a blast hanging out with them & enjoy it even more now with their cute little babies.

Craig, Julie, Kamree & Jeter!!


My family & I have been planning this trip to Texas for a long time now. I can't believe that it has already come & gone. My sister & her family live there & we were making a trip to see her oldest daughter, Clarissa get baptized. We also haven't seen Nathaniel since we went in January & saw him in the hospital. It was crazy how much he has grown but even more awesome to finally get to hold him and play with him.My only nephew, Nathaniel who is almost 1 year old

Chase & Nathaniel

My mom, Chase & I found out we are still kids & have an addiction.... it's called Ski-Ball!!

This is cute little Marinda at the children's museum.

My cute little scientist/nieces.

This was probably one of best things about the museum, face painting. Apparently, all the girls thought that Uncle Jeremy (my brother) needed his face painted too. Don't worry Audrey was in on it too, getting the back side.

Cute little Marinda had a mind of her own.... she wasn't going anywhere.

Me & Chaser with my pregnant belly

Day 3 at the Houston Zoo.

Me & the best husband ever!!

Chase & Clarissa looking at the monkeys

The official 26 Week picture!! Only 14 more weeks to go!!

Clarissa, Elisabeth & Marinda the morning we left. It gets harder & harder to leave them each time & not know when you will see them again:(

Last picture with Nathaniel. Is he not the cutest boy in the world. I love his natural curly hair and bright blue eyes. He looks a lot like the girls but also reminds me of my dad!!

It's crazy to think that October has already come and gone. Chase & I had a very busy month but it was fun & successful!!

This month The Christensen's through a shower for Susan at my house. It was a lot fun to have all of the family over that haven't seen our house before.

Here is picture of our cute little twin nieces that were born early.
We had card club at my house this month and we painted & decorated wooden frames as our project. I made my frame for one of Susan's presents.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Here is my belly at 23 weeks!!

Delta Golf Tournament

You're probably confused so let me answer your questions first.
My mom mentioned when I spoke with her at the beginning of this week that she was in the tournament this weekend & they were short one player. Me being the silly one offered jokingly that I was her woman! She said she would let me know if they needed me for sure. I told Chase & he got all excited that I was going to maybe golf in the same tournament as he & my mom.
But my mom never said anything throughout the week about needed a 4th player so I just assumed they found someone else that actually practices.

Well, come Friday night when we get to Delta my mom asks, "So did you bring your golf clubs?" I looked at her & said are you serious? Of course I didn't because I didn't hear from her & really wished I would of because I never get to use my cute pink clubs. But me being the good daughter still offered to golf in the morning.

So that should explain my outfit in this first picture. YES, I am wearing flip-flops because they are the most comfortable to me especially when I golf- everyone thinks that I am crazy. I did take my running shoes though in case they were desperately needed. This is the second time that I have golfed 18 holes. I actually really enjoyed it & didn't do too bad. The best part was all of the laughs & seeing Chase golf with his brothers at the same time. Thanks mom but give me a heads up next time and then maybe we might win something:)

Here is my cute mom, she's the best!!

It was for sure a fun-filled day. When our tournament got over around 3, we headed up north to do some shopping. My mom & I love to go shopping up north & especially to go to the MAC makeup counter... we have no control. We got some fun baby stuff & I got some really cute clothes that will be perfect for my belly that is growing. We had lots of fun- thanks so much mom!!

Our Little Baby Girl!!

These were the ultrasound pictures we got when we found out it was a girl. I have been meaning to post them forever, so here they are! The name still isn't for sure, it would be, if Chase had his way. The nursery is half painted- meaning that I made a decision so Chase could get started.
It's crazy all of the emotion & feelings that come with being pregnant. I haven't been sick but have noticed a difference between the 1st & 2nd trimester. I was so tired for the first 3 months & now I feel like I have more energy. It's been great getting back to the gym & getting a workout in everyday. I sleep so much better at night. I am definitely not as bad with mood swings. I am really starting to realize how close this day is coming when we're going to have a little one around the house & in our lives. We have lots of friends w/ babies right now & it just makes me so excited! I get even more excited when Chase is around because the baby moves so much! I think we might have a daddy's girl on our hands. She loves to hear his voice! I guess I can't blame her:) Through all of the emotion & stress of being pregnant I catch myself thinking too much about the nursery, colors, bedding etc. But lately I have had a different perspective on our lives. I feel so caught up in those decisions that I forget about the miracle of life & the belief of eternal families. I think more about how my dad has already met her & told her all about her family. I think more about what I can do now to prepare to be a better parent/person/wife. I think more about how my kids are going to turn out, especially with the trials life has to offer. I think about how I am going to raise these kids so they will have good morals & want to make good decisions. Well, I guess I am just thinking too much is what it comes down to. But after all these thoughts & some tears I still can't describe how excited I am to start this journey of our lives. I know it's going to be hard, humbling & lots of fun- but I know with the faith & testimony I have that everything will turn out how it's supposed to!

I love this second picture because it shows her cute little legs! It was so cute when they took this picture because she kept crossing her legs!!

At first I had a hard time with the 3-D pictures but I guess it's totally different once it's your baby! She kept covering her face (shy baby??) so this is the only one we got with her face!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2009

Today Chase's best friend (since the 1st grade) got married & we got to share this special day with them. It turned out to be a great & really pretty day. We are so happy for them & wish them the best!! We love you guys!

Chase & Luke

They had a gorgeous reception in Mallorie's backyard in Oak City. Here is me & Chase with our cheesy smiles. Our little girl is going to have the biggest smile:) Chase is always teasing me by saying that you can see all of my teeth when I smile!! I don't know if that's a good thing or not??

Another picture of two great guys!!