Sunday, January 30, 2011


We started the day off with a pancake breakfast. She LOVES pancakes!! I love this picture she is getting more personality & it is so much fun!!

It was hard day to leave Chloe & go to school while Chase had fun with her all day... BUT we definitely had fun after school. We went straight to Delta to celebrate with family. Thanks Chris for letting us use your house :)

Sienna was waiting & so excited to give Chloe her present.

My mom did me a huge favor & made her cake for me. It turned out so so AWESOME & tasted great! Thanks so much MOM, love ya!!!

Daddy & Chloe. She loved her pizza!

Chloe is about the same size as her cake, blowing out her candles!

Didn't take Chloe very long to dive right in to her cake.

I am actually surprised how much she ate of it.

We didn't do very good at taking pictures of her w/ her presents. She was very spoiled by her grandparents. We did get this picture... it was too cute!! Chase & I got her a stroller & baby. It's amazing how she knew what to do. As soon as she saw the bottle that came with the baby she went to feed her. I love this girl so so so much!!! She makes everyone smile & I know she'll make the bestest BIG SISTER!!

1 YR Doctors Appointment

The Dr. said that Chloe is doing awesome (which I knew already :))
She is a little girl but her parents aren't the biggest either.
Weight 18.06/ 11%
Height 29 3/4 / 72%
HC 46 1/4 / 81%
The doctor was very impressed with how advance she is developmentally.

I can't believe that CHLOE is the BIG 1!!! It seems like just yesterday that my water broke & my sweet angel was here. I will never forget to this day the memories I have of
January 29, 2010.
I can't believe how a baby:
Can touch you so dearly right after they are born & be so incredibly perfect. It's the best feeling when the baby is put in your arms & see how life itself is such a miracle. It's such a great but scary feeling to leave the hospital as a family & know that you all have each other. It's such a great feeling that the little baby depends on everything you do. The feeling of being loved & needed is so wonderful. Then time continues to go & you learn so many things along the way, things you wish you knew before. There are so many times that you get after yourself for not being that perfect mom that you think you "ought" to be. Then each time after living that frustration of not knowing what to do... you look at your baby & see the smile on their face & all you want to do is hold them & never let them go. The denial that they will never get big is such a huge one for me. I just barely put her newborn/0-3 clothes in storage. I tried so hard to keep hiding her 12 month clothes because I don't want them to ever fit....
This last year has been so rewarding, fun, memorable & also such a learning one. I have definitely been humbled to know that I'll never be the perfect mom but will always try to do my best.

-Chloe from day 1 has ALWAYS been a happy baby!!
-She's loved books from day 1!
-She's been a daddy's girl from day 1 & still is.... that is why she can say dada so much better than mama.
-Chloe has always been a people person, she's never really had the stranger anxiety.
-She's been very lucky to have so many cousins her age.
-She always loved tummy time & began to roll at a young age.
-She started sitting up at 6 months exactly.
-She started crawling at 8 months.
-Started walking at 10 months
-Got her first 2 teeth on the bottom at 12 months.
-Chloe loves bath time & could play in the water all day long.
- Chloe loves most foods. She loves cheerios, ham, mac n' cheese, cheese & green beans.
She also likes to store them in her cheeks like a chipmunk & then spit it out an hour later :)
-Chloe likes to play "kitchen" she loves the tupperware drawer & the pots & pans. Just give her a spoon so she can have something to "mix" with.
-Chloe is starting to watch more baby movies & really likes to dance with them. It's super cute she puts her arms straight up & bounces her knees.
-Chloe likes dogs & has never been scared of them.
-Chloe loves going up stairs but still working on the going down part.
-Chloe is our "daredevil" & it makes me kind of nervous. She likes to jump off things, go head first instead of foot first, etc.
-Chloe loves to walk around & tap her belly at the same time.
-She loves to match her shapes & play her toys with music.
-Her favorite song is- If You're Happy & you Know It...
-She loves her new dolly she got for her birthday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chase, Chloe & I are happy to say that we'll be having........


Our little princess was being pretty stubborn with having her picture taken so we didn't get many shots, but here are a few!! I am so excited to be having another girl!!! I am even more excited for Chloe to be getting a little sister/friend that will be so close in age. Chloe will make an awesome sister, she loves to play.... not sure about sharing, but we'll work on it:)


Well, everyone keeps asking me how I am liking hair school & how I am adjusting to our new way of life. Well, I know the adjustments aren't going to stop & they are just going to keep coming... but they have been so far so good. Hair school has been so much fun! My class is a smaller one of only about 10. I really like the one-on-one that we get. It's amazing how much there is to it all. I got 100% on my first test!! It's also cool how much we've already learned... 3 different perms, two hair cuts, the 8 color applications, manicures, scalp treatments & more. My first week was kind of crazy especially because Chloe was really sick... so that meant being up all night, doctors & Chase staying home with her so I wouldn't miss school. Thank goodness that only lasted a week:) Since then I've really enjoyed it. I can't believe that I am in the middle of my 3rd week, it goes so quickly. My schedule is Tuesday-Saturday 8-5 & sometimes later. My weekends are kind of messed up. Basically Chase, Chloe & I have Sundays together. Chase has been such a great support throughout all of this. He has so much fun with Chloe when it's just the two of them on Saturdays. The have a tradition to go to Wendy's for lunch & something else afterwards. Last week they brought me a snack because we didn't get a lunch. Life is only going to get crazier once tax season starts & I don't see Chase at all & When our new arrival comes:) I am so grateful for my supportive family & awesome babysitter that is so flexible with me... thanks Melany.

Here is are pictures of Chase & Chloe on one of their saturday dates. He took her to the new indoor pool after lunch at Wendy's. Man I just love these two!!!

For any of you that are interested or want to come visit me.... we're doing COMPLIMENTARY manicures, facials & scalp treatments this Saturday, Jan. 29 (Chloe's birthday:)). We will also be doing complimentary colors the following Friday & Saturday. I was really busy with the manicures last Saturday so let me know if you're interested, I am already starting to book.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I can't believe I forgot to post this big event in our family, because she's been walking for a while now. She didn't crawl for long. After she got the crawling down she would walk on her knees. I know it sounds silly but if you saw her do it you wouldn't believe how stinkin cute it was. She was able to walk around furniture during Thanksgiving time & then on December 3 she took her first couple of steps. She was walking full time about a week or two before Christmas. She's been so much fun. She loves the independence that it gives her. I love it when she walks up to her new chair with a book & pushes herself up onto the chair & then just sits there & looks at her books. Another thing that is cute is when she walks up to her bike (3rd picture) & tries to swing her leg around so she can get on her bike.... SHE is just SO STINKIN CUTE..... LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!! I can't believe she turns 1 at the end of the month!!!

I have a ton of videos with her walking but don't have them downloaded yet.... so stay tuned for those;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


We had our own little Christmas before we left for Delta on Christmas Eve Eve. It was just easier than packing everything. Chloe was pretty excited, don't think she even knew what was going on.
We started off by having a yummy Lasagna dinner (thanks to Stoffers, I'll do better next year:)) & then read the childrens book of the First Christmas. Then was the opening of some of the presents.

Chloe got to open her pjs that she'll be wearing Christmas Eve!

When we can't find Chloe she is usually in the front room playing the piano so we decided to get her some of her own instruments. I think we have a piano player on our hands.... I am pretty excited!!

Chloe loves to rip magazines apart so I figured she'd love this.... well... she ripped one piece & then took off so she could play with it. By the end of the holidays she was finally getting the idea.

Christmas Day!!!

Chloe got her own 4-wheeler, that she loves to ride & push the buttons.

She also got this 3-1 bike.

Kelly was pretty sure that they were going to have to share the bike... Chloe wasn't sure, but tried?

Chloe by Grandma Smith's Christmas tree.

Opening her presents... she got the Baby Einstein DVD collection

1st Christmas with the 3 of us. Crazy to think next year it will be 4!!!

Picture with my grandparents

Ellle got this for Christmas & Chloe was determined to play with it. She kept balancing her belly on the flat top part & tried to play superman. She is such a "dare devil" not sure if that is a good thing or not??

Tara & Derek are married

Here is a sweet picture of little Chloe with her Aunt TARA right after she came out the temple doors!!

Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to get any pictures of them. Tara looked gorgeous though & we can't wait to see their pictures. This is the only picture that we did get. I love how the temple looks with the sky. It was a cold day but a fun & nice one. We are so happy for Tara & Derek!