Monday, January 13, 2014






We sure love our family and cousins.  
Aunt Tara is pregnant with the first boy...... it's going to be fun!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


August was another busy month for this family.  It's crazy that we've lived here for 9 months.  We still live in the same little condo that we are renting.  We hope to find a bigger rental soon?  But we won't be doing the house thing for a couple of years:( The girls and I really miss our house and Cedar City.... Chase not so much!  Although, we really have loved being close to family.  The gym continues to keep our lives very busy.  We are in the process of expanding so that we can get more people off our waiting list.  We are truly excited and blessed with how the Delta people have reacted with DeltaFit.  We continue to just take it a day at a time.  Chase is still enjoying his new job.  I am doing hair when I can fit it into my schedule but for the most part I am busy with the girls trying to spend time with them and do fun things!  Heres some things we've been up to this month.

Millard County Fair

Swim Lessons

Lots of Boating

"Diving for Pennies" at the pool

Seven Peaks with the Beckstroms

Dinner at Chili's..... Family Favorite!!

Salt Lake REAL soccer Game

 Cousin Night in SLC while mom and dad are at the game!


More Boating with Aunt Meg and Sienna

Lots of BBQ's at Grandma Chris's

Lots of Park Days with Drew

Lots of playing and creating at the park

Kinley being her silly self

Kelly and Haley's birthday party.... pony rides with Riley

Many trips to the Quality grocery store and MANY rides on the ancient horse!!

Cousins CAMP

While Audrey's family was in town for the month of July we decided to do a week for the cousins.
It was super crazy but LOTS of FUN!!  Each day had a theme and an activity!

The first day was "PIRATE DAY!!!"
We decorated treasure boxes,
We read pirate stories,
We played at the REZ 
We had paddle boat races
Played in the pirate pool
Dressed up in pirate attire
Gymnastics Camp
Ate yummy Spaghetti for Dinner


We played in a HUGE water slide
Ate Hawaiian Haystacks
Played games with Hula Hoops and Coconuts
Played with a Pinata
Dressed up in grass skirts and other Hawaiian attire

We played lots of fun games 
Ate Tin Foil Dinners
Had a camp fire 
Made Camp fire  Eclairs

"Dinosaur Day"
Ate snowball pizzas
Went "digging" for dinosaurs in Huge ice cubes
Dressed up in Dinosaur Masks
Played more games

We also had "PRINCESS DAY"
Went to the Hair School and got beautified
Rented out the Movie Theater and watched "Turbo"

With other down time we went to the Splash Pad.
It was such a fun/crazy week for all the cousins to be together cause it doesn't happen often enough.  We hope someday our Texas cousins will live closer.  It's crazy how big everyone is getting!!

We had slurpees a couple of times since our Texas cousins had never had them!!  (They don't have them in Texas, weird huh?  It's like one of the hottest states)


Just trying to cool down with Kinleys water toys!

ALL of the Smith cousins

Just getting our parade on:)

This picture was taken right when Audrey announced she was pregnant with TWINS!!!  
Yay, we can't wait to meet them!!

Rez time with Randie and girls!!

Slurpee DAY.... July 11th

Popsicles at Grandma Smith's

Lots of REZ days this year!!  I think they were starting to tire Kinley out:)