Sunday, May 17, 2009

What have we been up to.....

Well not only have we been on the road a ton these last two weeks but it only looks like the next couple of months are going to be just as busy!

After Tax Season we decided that we needed a get away. With short notice we just planned a quick trip to Las Vegas!

So the trip started with OF COURSE a round of golf (with Chase's work). Every year they have a "celebrate the Sun Day" after tax season and it so happened to be the weekend of our get away. So it all started with golf....

Coral Canyon Golf Course

My cute hubby

When we made it to Las Vegas, Chase knew first things first... Shopping!!

And then some yummy food!!

Ended that night with a Lance Burton Magic Show

Now the whole time we were planning this trip Chase kept talking about how he wanted to go on the Dam Tour! I thought..... well I don't know are you sure??? But after he spoiled me tons I figured this was his weekend too, you know he's been the one working his butt off. Making a long story short with how the Dam Tour went (the bus driver was kind of a ditz & forgot a couple stops so our tour was 8 hours instead of 4) all that matters is that it was actually interesting and Chase had a lot of fun! The only bummer is that all he wanted was a Dam T-Shirt and they didn't have his size!! I just love this guy, he is always making me laugh!!

Not very Often do you have......

A Great Grandma that is still alive.....

Well unfortunately mine passed away this last week at age 92! It's crazy to think that there were 5 generations alive. But anyways she passed away from old age and I am sure she is super happy to see my great grandpa again!

My mom, Grandpa & Grandma Bailey & ME!

Chaser & ME

My brother Jeremy, his wife Cortney and two daughters Elise & Addison

On the way home we were able to go meet up with Chase's best friend, Luke and play some golf!! If you don't know Chase you will find out shortly that we don't go anywhere without golfing!! You should all be proud to know that my mom & I actually played too. My mom is getting way into this sport and Chase is loving that. I got pink golf clubs our first Christmas and haven't put them to a whole lot of use.... but I promised Chase I would this year! So wish me luck!

Luke & Chase at Cascade Golf Course in Provo, UT

It's official.....

Todd & Staci are married & on their honeymoon!!!

Todd is officially married and that means we have another sister-in-law, YEAH!! They got married May 15, 2009 at the Entrada Golf Course in St. George!

Here are some pictures from the gorgeous wedding!

Grandma Barbara, Chris, Me, Meghann, Staci, Tara & Susan

Tara, Sienna & Meghann

The whole Christensen Family

Me and my wonderful hubby!

AND.... the new Mr. & Mrs. Todd Christensen

so what did we do afterwards????

we all headed to Mesquite to Chase's parents house to have a weekend of our own!

The girls..... Went to a movie and Sun tanned by the pool while the guys went golfing! It was super relaxing and fun!! Thanks Mike & Chris!!