Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas in the Mountains
St. George, UT

This weekend we headed to St.George to see Santa.  The girls were so excited!!  Not only did we see Santa but they had a Live Nativity, Train Ride, Music and Camel Rides.  It was a great night of family fun!!  

Chloe showing Santa how old she is....

Kinley's not sure what to think about Santa.... good thing we started early this year.  
Maybe she'll warm up to him by Christmas.

We ran into some friends there and Chloe was super excited.  
She loves her friends Kamree and Jeter and will miss them so much!!

I love the elf ears!!

Train ride around Tuachann

May the Holiday Season begin and everyone remember the true meaning of Christmas!!!

We're just "Hanging" out.... 
while we get ready TO MOVE TO DELTA!!

Well in a matter of just 4 days our lives have completely changed.  As bitter sweet as it is we know, it's for the good!!
Back in August/September Chase learned there was a job opening in the accounting department at a plant in Delta called Materion.  It is a plant that has been drilling beryllium or the last 30 years plus.  After filling out a application and sending in his resume he never really heard anything.  We received a letter about a month later that thanked Chase for his interest but they had others they were interviewing.  Chase didn't seem too disappointed.  From the beginning of applying he figured it was a position that wasn't within reach for him.  So when he received this letter he didn't think much of anything. 
It was now the first weekend of November and we were getting ready to go to the Las Vegas air show.  It was a Friday and Chase received a phone call and they explained they still hadn't hired anyone and were doing a second round of interviews.  They wanted to interview Chase first thing that coming Monday morning in Delta and also a phone interview with corporate on Tuesday.  Chase definitely accepted and from that day our lives have changed.  
The air show was fun but my mind was definitely going many directions.  He hadn't even had the interviews yet and my mind was thinking about all the "what if's."  Living in Delta with our family has come up in many conversations and we both hoped it would be an option someday for our family but never really knew if that opportunity would come.  
Well Monday morning came and Chase felt pretty confident about his interview.  Tuesdays phone interview with the corporate office in Ohio went really well too.  They told Chase they would let him know by hopefully Thanksgiving which was a little over a week away.  It was only two hours after his phone interview that they called back and offered him the job and wanted him to start December 10.  I am still in shock with how those four days have changed our lives.  
We know this move is for the good.  It's definitely bitter-sweet!!  We have truly grown to love Cedar City, our friends, our jobs and especially our gym- Crossfit Cedar City.

The Annual Las Vegas Air Show!!!

Chloe was so excited to ride a bus of some kind.  She watches the neighbor kids get on the bus every morning and doesn't quite understand why she can't go with them.  It's going to be a happy (for her) and sad day (for me) when she finally gets to go to school.

Kinley is just happy!!:)

 This year they had a bunch of the budweiser clydesdales.  

 Chloe was so excited to sit in the helicopters.

Getting ready for the Thunderbirds to fly!!

And right before the thunderbirds start..... both girls crashed!!  

Friday, November 30, 2012

What Else have WE been up TO??

Chloe think she's pretty cute with dad's hat and will pose for any picture.

LOTS of painting!

Kinley has another idea of painting.  
She pores the water out and then might add some color but she mostly just wants to make messes and see how much water she can splash around.... :)

If you want to make Kinley happy she MUST have her B'S..... Blankie, Baby, Binkie and Book.  I can't complain.  I think it's actually pretty cute!

I guess I should be happy that these girls would brush their teeth all day if I'd let them but it actually drives me CRAZY! So if you can't find the girls check the nearest bathroom or wherever they left their toothbrushes last.

Kinley's at the age where she just loves to do what Chloe is doing but she also is very unique and her ownself.  She just randomly will show up with things on that she does to herself.... she's pretty smart!  I love those chunky legs!!


Yay, Kinley decided that she can go down the big slide by herself... it's taken some time.


Mike and Chris decided to spoil the whole family with Disney on Ice.  All 6 granddaughters were extremely excited.  I know you can't tell with Chloe's picture below but she was just mad she had to hold still for a picture.  Unfortunately Chase couldn't make it because he had already planned a trip to San Francisco with some friends for Monday night football.  It was so fun to see the girls light up with smiles as they saw their favorite princesses and other disney characters.  

Susan and her girls!

It was pretty cute, all the girls wanted to sit by Mike and Chris!  

Except for Kinley!  She just wanted to be everywhere:) She did good the first 15 minutes and then just wanted to play with the chair and hold hands with the little boy behind us.  This girl has always got something going... she definitely doesn't know how to hold still.

Me, Susan and Meghann

Kinley and Riley

One of Chloe's favorite parts was when all the genie's kept came out and skated.  We had just watched Aladdin for the first time the night before so I think that's why.

The performance was truly so good.  

Thanks so much Mike and Chris!!!

Fall Fun!!

The weather was so nice!!  Couldn't believe we were out still riding bikes in the sunshine in the middle of November!!

Grandma Smith came to spend the weekend and play:)


While I washed our car Chloe decided she needed to clean "her ride," too!!

Kinley is often found walking around with one random shoe!

Weekend trip to Grandma Chris's house!

Can't go to the library without a quick trip to the park next store!  Not sure why Kinley has that face she usually would swing all day if she could.


Halloween 2012

I seriously can't keep up with these two.... I absolutely love having them close together.  I think I'll do it again:) They are becoming such good friends and love playing together??

Family Night carving pumpkins!!

Chase is trying to coach Chloe on taking the insides out of the pumpkin.  
She wasn't sure at all about it and really didn't want to.
This is as far as she got, then she wimped out!!  She's definitely my prissy girl.  She's constantly washing her hands in the middle of a meal.  She can't handle a single crumb or bit of stickiness.  Kinley on the other hand tries to create the biggest messes possible.  That's why you'll notice in lots of pictures that she is always shirtless:)
I just love that precious smile of Chloe's!

Dance Halloween Party!!

Chloe's dance studio had a party for them and she was so so excited to go as Belle.  
Chloe loves her little dance friends Bella and Kamree.  
The started by coloring Halloween pictures.
Played Musical Numbers
Played a little Halloween Twister

Made a fun Halloween craft w/ Kamree and Jeter
This is just the 2-4 year olds!!
3 Besties!!
Belle, Snow White and Tinkerbelle:)
Halloween Night!!

Can you tell they're excited??

We only planned on doing a couple of houses but then kept visiting friends/ neighbors so needless to say the girls were pretty tired when we got home??  Kinley made the cutest pirate EVER!!