Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun at the REZ!!!

We finally visited the rez a couple weekends ago.  

Chloe & dad
Aunt Tara and Chloe tubbing

The girls practicing their toe-touches on the way there.  They were getting a little restless and I was trying to hard to keep them entertained......:)
I love this pic of Kinley and how she is blowing raspberries at the same time;)

Heritage Museum/Story Time

My friends and I have started a new weekly thing taking our kids to the local museum.  They have story time for the kids and then an activity afterwards.  It's been lots of fun for Chloe and her friends.  This week they read a childrens book about laundry.  The activity after was obviously as you can see how they did laundry in the old days.  Chloe loved it.... but she also loves helping me with laundry in general.  

First soaping down the board with the bar of soap in her hands.
Rubbing the piece of laundry on the board that you just soaped.
Place the laundry in the new tub with clean water and "plunge" it (is what it seemed like anways:)
Take to another clean tub and push it through the ringer and then use the old clothes pins and hang it on  a string.
We missed the week before but we still got to do the activity.  
We sifted for golf!!!
Chloe, Kamree, Jeter, Macy & Kinley
All of the stories are read in the real school house they used back in the day.  This picture is in front of one of the old houses from then too.  Chloe, Kamree and Jeter.

Monday, August 13, 2012

More Summer Fun.......

July Jamboree
Ever since we moved to Cedar we have always gone and it has now just become tradition.  

Chloe loves any event that includes a snow cone!!

Kinley is just happy to be there:)

Kinley loves her ravioli and mom hates the mess!!
The back seat has lots of giggles and fun.
Kinley is following her sisters footsteps and becoming a Barnery finatic!!

On the 24th of July we headed to St. George to play with cousins on the Splash Pad.

Out of the 5 girls Kinley (the youngest) was the only one to really go in the middle and get drenched!!!
Chloe is starting to really become my poser.
Chase had some deadlines with work and was pretty busy so I took the girls to my brothers in Salt Lake to have a change of scenery.
We went to Noah's Arc at Thanksgiving Point
Couldn't leave without playing in the sandpit, floating boats down the stream, feeding the fish, playing in the bear cave, playing on the Ladybug stage and once again getting wet and Noah's Arc.  
Cortney watched Kinley while Chloe and I had a girls day and went shopping and had lunch.  
We had so much fun.  
This time of year is kind of a hard one with my dad's 13th anniversary coming up from when he passed away and also with his 59th birthday on August 7.  It will always feel like it was just yesterday that he unexpectedly passed away.  Even though my girls didn't get to meet him here I know that they did before they came. I hope that they will always remember him or what they know and have learned about him.  What an amazing, strong, hard-working and loving father and friend..... I MISS YOU DAD!!!!
I took the girls to the Aquarium and Chloe loved that the penguins were dancing and chasing each other back and forth.

Kinley had fun but it was definitely getting close to nap time:)
More Penguins!
It was lots of fun at the Aquarium.  I actually ran into one of my greenies, Syster Stewart/Allen from the mission.  It was so fun to catch up. 
Kinley and Chloe are really starting to learn to play/fight just like sisters do.... got to love it!!!
One of the golf courses in St. George.... (they have too many courses, I can't keep up with which one is which:))
Close up of my little Kinley
Chloe is showing us her dance moves
I can't believe how big she's getting...
I can't wait to sign her up for dance this fall....she'll love it!!
The only picture I could get of them together.
New splash pad and loved it!!
Of course all Kinley wanted was the swing:)
Chloe was a little more daring with the water this time.
Kinley is getting so big!!
YAY we got them to all hold still for a picture.... 
Chloe, Kinley and cousins Kelly, Haley & Riley. 
 I LOVE this picture!!