Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday 


The girls and I tried to make the day super special for Chase.  We visited him at work, surprised him with all his favorite treats and more balloons. Got him his new favorite cologne. Decorated his door with the top 30 reason why we love our dad.  We love him so much and all that he does and hope that he'll always remember that!!! 

Started the morning off with Chase's favorite breakfast that consists of pancakes, eggs and bacon.  

Little did he know that we would be surprising him at work.  He wasn't too thrilled about his birthday hat but he smiled anyway.

His birthday cake that I made for his work.  

The girls couldn't wait for daddy to get home to celebrate some more!!  

As soon as he got home we walked across the street and ate at the yummy Mexican restaurant with our families.  The little house on the top right is where we live. 

We then ended up back at our house for more cake and ice cream with both of our families