Thursday, September 30, 2010

My 2 favorite people.

A weekend in Mesquite

Chloe & Chase are becoming quite the best of pals. Since I 've gone back to work our schedule has gotten a little crazy. I am usually walking out the door in the morning when Chloe wakes up. Chase is seriously the bestest dad. He does everything in the morning. He feeds her, gets her ready, plays with her & gets her to the babysitter. I am so thankful for him & all that he does. When I pick her up from the babysitters after work she's usually ready for another nap. When she wakes up Chase is usually home & from there on out we argue about who gets to feed her, bath her, etc. We love being parents & wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls Weekend in Park City
We decided that we needed some time to get away as girls & do what we're best at.... SHOPPING!! We didn't end up having a ton of time because of a wedding we had to get to, but it was tons of fun!!

We went & had some yummy dinner at Texas Road House the night before :)

Me, Meghann (No that's not Tara it's Meg with her adorable new hair do:)), Staci & THEN Tara!! Chris was taking the picture & Susan will have to catch up with us next year. She's too close to having baby Riley that she played safe & stayed home. Thanks again girls for the fun trip, it's definitely got to stay a tradition... BUT... next year we for sure need more time!!

Lisa's Wedding
(Salt Lake Country Club)
Chase's cousin, Lisa got married that afternoon so we hurried with our shopping to make it for the big event! It was a very gorgeous wedding!

The gorgeous bride, Lisa & fiance/husband Cory

The girls

The guys

The kiddos getting caught playing... you have to admit it's kind of funny. Especially with Natalie the oldest on top :)

I know this is not the best picture but our scanner isn't hooked up & I had to show you the cutest thing.... no not me & Chase :)... BUT the idea. At the wedding they had a photo booth (like you see at the malls) & they had everyone go inside & pose for pictures however you wanted. Afterwards, you then got a copy for yourself & then they posted one to the sign in book & had you sign below it. I thought that was super clever. What will they think of next?? I need my little brother to get married so that we can do the same thing :)
Chloe & Uncle Todd

Chloe doesn't see Uncle Todd very much but she sure loved hanging out with him in Delta after the wedding!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Every year in the month of September, Cedar City has Sky Fest Weekend. I have always loved this time since we moved here. Driving to work has always been fun with seeing all of the fun Air Balloons in the sky..... WELL... this year I wasn't driving when I saw them but I was the ONE in the Balloon. Chase's work are one of the sponsors & it was his turn this year to go up!! We had to be there about 6:30 in the morning & they had a super yummy breakfast for us! Then we were off to HELP get the balloon ready. I didn't realize before that we would be helping.... wasn't sure if that was a good idea either ;)

I was in charge of the fan & the speed while Chase had to stand in front of it & keep a hold of it.

Once we got going up this is what the rest of the field looked like... super cool!

A little bit further.

We ended up landing in the church parking lot right next to Chase's work. It was a super soft landing especially compared to the take off. I felt like we were on our sides because of the breeze when we took off. Anyway, this is a picture of me & the pilot Jeff. Unfortunately because we had to help so much we weren't able to get any good pictures of the two of us. It was so much fun though! Thanks Chase for taking me, Love ya tons!! Thanks Staci for coming & babysitting Chloe, you're the best!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

ReD RocK RelaY!!
(from Snow to Sun)

Chase & I were asked to run on a relay team. We had never done this before just triathlons, 5 & 10k's. To be honest I didn't even know how the relay worked.... Well, there is 12 people (2 vans of 6 people) that split up 186 miles. We all ran three different legs. It started in Brian Head Ski Resort went through Duck Creek down the mountain to Cedar City over to New Castle & Veyo through Snow Canyon & St. George & ended in Springdale right outside Zion National Park. We started first thing Friday morning, ran the whole day, through the night, next morning & day & ended about 36 hours later. There wasn't a whole lot of sleep but there was lots of laughs. Chase ended up running about 18.5 miles & I ran about a total of 17.5 miles. It was such a fun race... we would definitely do it again.

What has Chloe been up to???


Another Sunday w/ golf & daddy aka nap time.

Chase was feeding Chloe & all the sudden her head started bobbing & she was out.
This girl is so stinkin cute, I can't get enough.

Since I've gone back to work I look forward to ever minute I get to cuddle/hold & nap with her

Chloe is seriously always smiling, we just can't get enough of her.

Another Sunday with cousin Cece

Chloe has had such a good, fun & busy summer. She is still growing like a weed. Her 6-9 month clothes fit perfect in the length but a little big around. She still doesn't have any teeth. Her hair is growing lots & you can almost pull it up on top in a pony. She isn't fully crawling but she can roll & scoot anywhere she needs to go. She does get a bit frustrated when she rolls into the couch.... she doesn't understand why it can't move? She'll definitely have blue eyes!! :) She still likes to sleep like a stink bug. She is really enjoying all the baby puffs. Her favorite baby food is DEFINITELY GREEN BEANS... by far. Her Johnny Jump Up is her favorite place when she isn't rolling around. Still loves her stroller rides. Enjoys her new friends Melany & Haele that she gets to spends days with while I am working.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is our 4 year anniversary!! It has been an awesome 4 years. This last year has been the best because of our little angel. I posted tons of pictures of our special day because I still don't have them scrapbooked...
Love ya tons Chase, thanks for an amazing 4 years!!