Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Spring is here and we're having so much fun and can't wait for summer.  
Chloe and Drew are much like sisters!  They enjoy doing tumbling together.

We got to help Uncle Greg "work" the cows by branding them and getting them their vaccines.  Chloe and Kinley loved every minute of it!!


We surprised Chase for Father's Day with some fun Pictures.  
I love how they turned out, especially for windy it was.  
These two little angels are my life!!  As crazy as it can be.... I don't know what I would do without them.  They are so different but so much the best of friends and sisters.  They are so precious to me and I love them and hope that we can be the best of friends for FOREVER!!!  
Love you Chloe and Kinley

Easter 2013

Since living in Delta we definitely get to make most activities with both families.  The girls went to several Easter Egg hunts and loved them!!  Kinley finally figured out the whole idea on the last one.

Care Center 
Easter Egg Hunt

The girls love to go see Grandpa Bill at the Care Center

3 Generations

Movie time with the cousins

Delta Easter Egg Hunt


The Sand Dunes
Delta, Utah

The Christensens are continuing their Sand Dune tradition during Easter weekend.  Can't forget the fried chicken, deviled eggs, potato salad, chips and yummy cookies.  

Kinley was SUPER concerned about someone taking her Easter basket.... she did NOT want to part with it.

Easter morning, the Easter Bunny came and left a trail of Easter Eggs!!

He left fun Baskets with treats, toys and of course our Easter Dresses!

The girls were excited to go show Grandpa Bill their new dresses and take him his Easter Basket the bunny left at our house for him.


Smith Easter Weekend!!
We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  
We won some super awesome prizes!!  I love this tradition!!!

Yay, Grandma, Aunt Randie and Oakley riding the wiggle bikes.

Yummy popsicles with the cousins and frosting HUGE Sugar Bunny Cookies


With the super cold weather we tried to stay somewhat busy so we wouldn't get bored and freeze.

Chloe enjoyed taking tumbling and Kinley was her #1 FAN!!

Since our gym is next door to Ace Hardware we make daily trips to check on the baby chicks.  I love how attached and concerned the girls get with them.

Lots of fun Art Projects to learn our colors

Any chance we get to see the sun we take it and head to the park!!
I just love how close these two are becoming!!

We can't get enough of Drew and having her so close!!

Golf Season is right around the corner!!

Kinley is growing way too fast.  

Movie night with dad!!!  
We love any chance we get with him!!!