Tuesday, January 26, 2010

YES, I am STILL Pregnant!!

Yep, that's right I am still pregnant. I had my appointment on Friday & there aren't really any changes going on. Today, I am 39 weeks & 3 days. My due date is this Saturday, January 30th. If I don't go on my own the doctor has scheduled me to be induced on February 4th. That's right that would be 2 days short of 41 weeks. I guess we will just have to see what happens. Chloe is just cozy & enjoying life I guess? I go in again this Friday so we'll see if anything changes??
As of right now I am still working my normal days. I figure I might as well to keep myself busy. Chase is probably so sick of cleaning. I am totally going through the "nesting" period. If I don't have her by this weekend I dare say we might spend the weekend cleaning again. Sorry Chase:( Besides that we are staying super busy. We're trying to have a bunch of "date nights" and "us" time before our lives change. We also had to speak in church last Sunday on Temples. I am so glad to have it over with. We also both have received callings. I am an assistant Librarian & Chase is an Elders Quorum Teacher. Life is definitely picking up for us. I am so thankful that we have each other, our wonderful families & our friends.
I will definitely keep you all updated. Hopefully the next post is of our precious little Chloe!!


For card club this month we made the cutest event books! This was probably one of my favorite projects, even though it was a lot of cutting. I finally finished mine & here is the final product. Thanks Liz for your help that night, I was having some serious pregnancy brain!!

Now I can keep track of all the important dates in our lives like birthdays, anniversaries & holidays & I can use it every year!!

This has been my other project. I made a book for Chloe that talks about the 9 months I was pregnant with her. I hope that she likes it? I figure it would be fun for her to look at it when she gets bigger. There are pictures of me & Chase & it talks about where we were in our lives & what was going on. I am still finishing the final touches but this is it for the most part. I still have lots I want to do for her nursery, we'll see how far I get? I still have a scrapbook to get started on & a calendar.

Early Valentines!!

Because Chase & I don't know when everything is going to happen I decided to surprise him with a little, early Valentines dinner. Chase has been the best support throughout this pregnancy. He has been so understanding & patient with me. I can't believe how emotional I have been & he hasn't complained once. When he got home from work I had a candle lit steak dinner ready with potatoes, rolls & asparagus. I think he was pretty impressed & didn't see it coming. I love surprises so I hope that he was surprised?? We ended the night by watching The Bachelor with some yummy valentine treats, churros, dipped strawberries & ice cream. If you can't tell I have had the worst sweet tooth lately. By the way I can't stand Vienna & Chase totally likes her, what do you guys think?

Thanks again Chase for everything. You're going to be the best dad! Everyone comments on your ability with kids. I can't wait to start this part of our life together.

Quick Peek at the Nursery!!

The nursery is just seconds away from being done. Chase & I have done a lot of it. Chase did all of the painting, trim, etc. It was his first time, he did great! The nursery is mostly pink & black with a little bit of GREEN. It will feel so much more real when she finally gets here!!

My friend & I put some vinyl together to put above the window. I love how it turned how, thanks so much Teresa.

Here is the crib with her name above it. I painted them and Chase hung them up for me!

Across from the crib is the changing table with a shelf above it. I used paper & mod podge to decorate them, I think it turned out pretty good. We're still waiting on pictures & shelves to hang so stay tuned.....


Well, I have been trying to encourage Chase to get out & do fun things before our lives get really crazy & busy. Obviously Chloe will be here soon but Tax season is right around the corner as well.
So he has had a couple of golf outings & also went to a Jazz Game with a great friend, Craig Andersen (Pictures to Come).
This is a golf course that has only been open for a couple of months & Chase was super excited to golf it!!

Chase, Jake & cousin Chester

The golf course is so pretty!

Lucky me, I got to hang out with the guys!!

Mike, Chase, Chester & Jake

The Christensen Shower!!

Chase's family had a really cute shower for me & Chloe. Here is my cute mother-in-law, thanks for everything Chris, Meghann & Tara.

Me & Meghann

Thanks Tara for the cutest clothes, she'll definitely be styling!!

Chloe got her first swimsuit from Meghann, it's so stinkin cute!!

My mom spoiled Chloe with her blessing dress, shoes & bracelet!!

After the shower we decided to help ourselves to the yummy chocolate fountains. It was so yummy! Thanks again everyone for everything!! Chloe is already so spoiled!

New Years Eve!!

Well, Chase & I kept saying that we were going to have an awesome New Year's Eve this year!! The only reason that we kept saying this is because the last two have been terrible. Two years ago we were on a cruise & Chase got the serious 24 hour flu & spend the hole night throwing up. The next day when we got to Barbados he tried to do the zip-line excursion & almost didn't make it. They had to rush him to the front of the line to get him out of there. We now call that island "Barf-bados."
Last year Chase & I decided to fly to Texas to see my sister on New Years Eve Day. That night turned out bad when we missed our plane & the next one wasn't going out until the next day. So we thought we would make the most of it & go to the strip (we flew out of Vegas). Only to find out that they were shutting down the main streets of Vegas. So yes we ended up playing cards in the airport terminal for many many hours.
So this year we started by going up north to shop, which can never go wrong:) We got Chloe the cutest Easter Dress, I am so excited!! Then half way through the day Chase wasn't feeling so good. So we cut our visit a little short & went home. He tried to tough it out by going to dinner at his Aunt's house, only to spend the night in the bathroom. So once again Chase was sick with the 24 hour bug. I don't know what is wrong with this picture, but it better not keep happening. I am starting to wonder if I should start carrying some type of bag with me on this "supposed-to-be" fun holiday. So there you have it, we're going on a streak of 3 years with bad luck on this day.... Guess we'll see what next year has to bring??

Wow! Does time go by fast or what? Here is my long awaited Christmas Post. I know it's super late but I still have to do it for me!! It's crazy how fast 2009 went by. Chase & I have been so blessed with a great year! Chase continues to be such a great example to me. This year we decided to not do anything for each other so that we could save for Chloe. I didn't realize how hard this would be. Everything I saw I wanted to buy for him. But it taught me a very important lesson- the true meaning of Christmas!! I love you so much Chase, thanks for your great example!
We're so excited to start this next year with our little baby Chloe!!

Here is a picture of our Christmas Tree!!

Me & Chase on Christmas Day Morning!! This year we spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning with Chase's family. It was so fun to see the whole family, especially the new twins. Breakfast was amazing like always, Chris. Thanks for everything you guys do!!

Christmas Eve with Grandma Barbara. She is such a beautiful & sweet women, we just love her so much!!

Can't have Christmas without a visit from Santa Clause!!

Chase & Santa, guess he was a good boy if he got a present:)

Unfortunately I didn't get that many pictures of my family :( But I did get this cute one of my niece Elle. She was having so much fun opening the presents. I am so excited that Chloe will have so many cousins!
We spent Christmas Day with my family & had so much fun with family. It's always so fun to just hang out with each other because we don't get to see one another that often. We sure missed my sister & her family in Texas! My mom always goes out of her way to make it so special & it truly is. Thanks mom for all that you do, we had a blast! We especially had fun putting the puzzle together that took us not only that weekend but the next couple of weeks. It was by far the never-ending puzzle, but it was worth it!!:)