Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chloe is 3 Months Old!!

I can't believe how fast the time goes.
It seems like yesterday that we found out we were having a baby!!

How can you NOT LOVE this little Bundle of JOY?!?!?
As you can see our little Chloe is such a cutie & brings so much joy to our lives.

*Chloe LOVES to SMILE (as you can tell in the pictures)!! The first time she smiled really big was when she met Great Grandma Bailey for the first time.
*Chloe LOVES to CUDDLE & mom loves to cuddle her... that's why it is so hard for mom to get anything done.
*Chloe discovered her fingers the second day we were home from the hospital. She still can't decide which one she likes the most. As of right now Chloe prefers her fist.
*Chloe has BIG BLUE EYES hopefully they stay.
-Her eyes are super strong & she can now follow you around the room
-Her eye lashes are getting longer everyday!!
*Chloe doesn't have much hair but what she does have is blonde.
*Chloe LOVES to TALK & be talked to. Chase hopes that she'll be a jabber box:)
*Chloe LOVES being wrapped in her minkie blankets and loves them being rubbed against her cheeks.
*Chloe likes to look in the mirror & recognize herself
*Chloe has a habit to blow bubbles on the end of her tongue
*Chloe LOVES to sleep on her side
*Chloe has found her heel & knows how to take off leggings & socks by using it
*Chloe LOVES her grandparents
*Chloe LOVES bath time (she didn't for the first 2 months)

I know that every mother brags about their children & we have every right to. It's truly amazing how much you can LOVE such a tiny human being. It's crazy that you can have a BEST FRIEND that is so Perfect & yet you can barely communicate with them except through LOVE!! Motherhood is such a reward. The gift of life is so truly amazing & what better way to cherish it, by loving the amazingly precious & perfect beings that our Heavenly Father sends us.

Daddy & Chloe

Yay, tax season is over!!!
Chloe (& mommy:)) have just loved having Chase around so much more.

Here are some pics of my two favorite people!!

Everyone (except one or two people) say that Chloe looks just like Chase.
I promise it doesn't hurt my feelings... because I totally agree.
Chloe is such a daddy's girl & Chase is very proud of that.
He can't wait until she is old enough to pick up a golf club:)
It's so nice having Chase home in the evenings.
When he comes home he is such a great help & dedicates his time to us & especially little Chloe!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yes, it is almost midnight on April 14th & my husband is STILL not home from work. For those of you that don't know what April 15th is.... let me tell you.... THE TAX DEADLINE -aka- It is the day I will get to see my husband AGAIN!! Oh yeah and my brother Jeremy's birthday:)
I am so excited to see Chase again and get back to a "normal" schedule. He has only taken off one day since I had Chloe & that was the day I had her. I feel so lucky to have such a dedicated & hard working husband. But I also can't describe how excited I am for tomorrow night when we can eat dinner together before 10 o'clock.
May the countdown begin...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chloe's Baby Blessing

What a special day.
I still have days where I can't believe I had a baby & most of all that I am a mother to the cutest little girl on this earth!! Chase did such a good job with the blessing. We were lucky to have all of our family & friends travel to share this special day with us (we missed you Tara & Audrey). I truly am so blessed to have Chase & Chloe in my life. These two special people mean the world to me. They are both such great examples to me.
We truly are so lucky to have the gospel in our lives & to know that there is such thing as Eternal Families!

The four generations in the Christensen Family

Four generations on my mom's side.
My great grandma just passed away, so we almost had 5 generations.
That would have been neat for Chloe to have a great great grandma still alive.

Jake, Luke & Mallorie

AJ, Sienna & Chaser

Jared & Susan

Staci & Todd

Chloe is getting so big!!!

Here are some cute/misc. pics of Chloe from 8 weeks old till now.
I can't believe how true it is
when people say they grow too fast....
it is SO TRUE!!

Chloe & her Cedar City grandma, Diane:)
(aka good friend from work)

Chloe & I went & spent some time with Cortney & her girls in St. George last week.
Here is Elle & Chloe.
I know she is my daughter but how cute is her smile... she is ALWAYS smiling, I just love it!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


This year we spent our Easter in Mesquite with the Christensen's.
It was nice & relaxing weather.

Like usual Chloe was spoiled by grandparents & the Easter bunny!

Haley, Chloe, Sienna & Kelly

Grandma Barbara got to meet Chloe for the first time!