Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally getting caught up with blogging.....

Here was one of our many Christmas parties. Our ward party was actually really fun. They didn't have a program or anything instead they focused on service. There were about 5 different stations that you could rotate with. One of them was decorating gingerbread houses that were being donated to the womens shelter in town. There were quilts being tied to donate to the humanitarian, Christmas decorations (that Chloe is showing below) to also donate. But one of my favorites was painting wooden cars to donate to the children in Africa. At first I thought it was weird there was no spiritual program for Christmas but afterwards I thought it was just as good.

Chloe & Haley have become pretty good friends since her mom has been babysitting them so much while I've been going to school. Chloe is loving painting the cars... she just can't decide what color.