Monday, January 23, 2012


Chloe is such a little "lover/cuddler" she loves to say hi to everyone & kiss & hug those she knows. She's super friendly & loving. This year we spent Christmas Eve with Chase's side (my mom & little brother were with my sister in Texas, so we celebrated the week earlier). We sure had a fun time with the Fowles, like always. Deb put together a fun game this year & it sure had us on our toes.

I love how Chloe new what to do as soon as she saw Great Grandpa Bill... give him loves!!

Chloe is really starting to enjoy this Santa thing. The third time around is definitely a charm!! She loves her Minnie Mouse that she got & makes sure it's on her bed everynight.

Kinley still not sure what is going on but just smiles likes always:)