Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Just wanted to write a little post on my amazing brother.
For those of you that don't know Jeremy he is a very motivational, out-going, loving, funny & caring guy/brother.
He is the one that always brings smiles & laughter to the room.
Well this weekend he accomplished one of his goals & we were so happy to witness it as a family!!

We missed Jeremy leaving for his 2 1/2 mile swim.
We saw him get back from his 112 mile bike ride.

This is Jeremy getting back from his bike & leaving for his run
(aka 26.2 miles/ marathon)

This was the moment we all waited for.... crossing the finish line!!!

The Smith family cheering Jer on inbetween the bike & the run!!

Not only did Jeremy's amazing wife have a baby 2 days before, but she got all of these great shirts for us to wear so Jeremy would notice us when he ran by. That's right Chloe even got a onezie... she did so awesome throughout the day. This was about 11:30 she was pretty tired.