Thursday, May 13, 2010

Like most people I am writing this post for myself just in case these memories don't make it into the scrapbook that I am trying to get caught up with... but you're welcome to read!

I finally realized that I have been in denial of how big Chloe has been getting. I have all of her clothes organized, each drawer is for a certain size. I only ever go to the newborn drawer that has some 0-3 clothes in it. The other day with the "wonderful cold weather" I had to go to that drawer for some pants because "I just knew" that the 3 month drawer would be way too big. After putting on her pants that were now floods (is that how you spell it?) I called Chase & said that we have some serious shopping to do this weekend. He asked about her other clothes in the other drawers & I just laughed & said, "Oh no they're way too big, we need to go shopping." I guess I figured we would just find a size in between newborn & 3 month?? I don't know what I was thinking??
After I got off the phone I figured I would humor myself & check out the 3 month drawer..... only to find out that I have been in denial this WHOLE time. As I held all these clothes up to Chloe I realized that my baby is growing and wanted to cry. I immediately washed all of these clothes & am now hoping that she can get some use out of all of them now that they have shrunk a bit?!? At this point I continued to humor myself & held up her newborn clothes she wore home from the hospital & that made me even more sad :(. But at the same time I just love seeing her progress & grow. There is nothing like having a baby girl that can't help but smile while she cries at the same time. So I am no longer in denial just in a hurry to get all of these clothes on her before she out grows them too.
Just another update... Chloe is 3 1/2 months old & finally made it to 10.1 pounds!! Yay for Chloe, she is eating so good & is such a good napper. For the most part she'll sleep through the night & wakes for a feeding around 4 or 5. She takes 2 good naps throughout the day. She loves to be cuddled. She is really starting to notice her surroundings. She is starting to grab for things & loves to grip it super tight when she can. She is still singing like always. She loves to tickle my neck while I am feeding her.. it's super sweet. She is loving story time that we have every morning before she goes for her first nap. She also loves to be sang to even if her mother has a terrible voice. She also just realized that she DOES like being wrapped up like a burrito for nap time. She used to always have her hands by her face, but not anymore. She loves bath time especially when dad is home in time to do it. She is very patient with mom & always having to have some type of head band on (which dad hates & I think all men do:)) She like most babies loves all of the bright lights in her surrounding (TV, computer, phone, lights, etc). She can role to her side very easily but gets timid about going all the way on her tummy. She loves tummy time & it shows with how strong her neck is. She loves to stand whenever you hold her, her leg muscles are pretty strong too. She still is working on the giggling... nothing too distinct but I can't wait until she does!!!

Thanks for letting me ramble on about Chloe & all of these memories... I just needed to get them down somewhere.


Nat Lud said...

It is so smart to write all of these down because pretty soon you'll have two or three more and they all start to blend together! ;) It is so hard when they get bigger and they just don't stay little!

The May Family said...

So DeAnna,
I can't decide if i'm jealous or not. By the way, your little is so cute. But 3 1/2 months old and just now got to 10 lbs. I'm shaking my head and laughing all at the same time. My little boy that I had only 10 days ago already weighs 10 lbs. We had him checked on Tuesday and he was 10.3 lbs. I can't even imagine bringing home a smaller baby. Mine have all been big healthy boys. So just thought I would share. She sure is a cutie.

Burt Fam said...

At least you caved in time to use the 3 month clothes. Nora has a big dresser, and I was cleaning out all the receiving blankets from one of the drawers last weekend (talk about denial...she's 16 months!), and found a bunch of 6-12 month stuff that somehow got stuffed in the back of that drawer. Looks like I'll have to have another girl so I can use them.