Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chloe is 3 Months Old!!

I can't believe how fast the time goes.
It seems like yesterday that we found out we were having a baby!!

How can you NOT LOVE this little Bundle of JOY?!?!?
As you can see our little Chloe is such a cutie & brings so much joy to our lives.

*Chloe LOVES to SMILE (as you can tell in the pictures)!! The first time she smiled really big was when she met Great Grandma Bailey for the first time.
*Chloe LOVES to CUDDLE & mom loves to cuddle her... that's why it is so hard for mom to get anything done.
*Chloe discovered her fingers the second day we were home from the hospital. She still can't decide which one she likes the most. As of right now Chloe prefers her fist.
*Chloe has BIG BLUE EYES hopefully they stay.
-Her eyes are super strong & she can now follow you around the room
-Her eye lashes are getting longer everyday!!
*Chloe doesn't have much hair but what she does have is blonde.
*Chloe LOVES to TALK & be talked to. Chase hopes that she'll be a jabber box:)
*Chloe LOVES being wrapped in her minkie blankets and loves them being rubbed against her cheeks.
*Chloe likes to look in the mirror & recognize herself
*Chloe has a habit to blow bubbles on the end of her tongue
*Chloe LOVES to sleep on her side
*Chloe has found her heel & knows how to take off leggings & socks by using it
*Chloe LOVES her grandparents
*Chloe LOVES bath time (she didn't for the first 2 months)

I know that every mother brags about their children & we have every right to. It's truly amazing how much you can LOVE such a tiny human being. It's crazy that you can have a BEST FRIEND that is so Perfect & yet you can barely communicate with them except through LOVE!! Motherhood is such a reward. The gift of life is so truly amazing & what better way to cherish it, by loving the amazingly precious & perfect beings that our Heavenly Father sends us.


Ryan and Rachel said...

I.Love.Her. and you. . . alright your husband too. :) She's so beautiful and what a FANTASTIC smile!!! :) She oozes love and it's awesome. You make a terrific mom. miss you!

Alan and Mindee Williams said...

Ok, that smile is darling! I can't get over that Chloe is already 3 months old. It seems like I was just at your baby shower!!!

The Smith's said...

I love all the pictures! I wish we could see her more often): She is such a doll- and looking more like Chase every day! Give her a kiss for me!

jamaud said...

So cute! I can't wait to really see her! Love you ALL!

Jason, Elisa, Connor and Megan said...

I love those pictures - especially of her asleep on the couch. How cute is that! I love what you said at the end of your post. Hope to see you guys again soon.

Chris said...

OK enough of the teasing, just bring her to me so I can mug her to pieces. Those pictures are so cute, she is becoming so alert and strong. Don't worry she will be a jabber gut, because she has some of her dad in her...he is king of jabber. Love you guys...hurry home!