Monday, May 17, 2010

Golfin with daddy!!

We finally got to stay home this weekend & get some stuff done around the house & yard. It was also too pretty of a day to pass up the golf course. Chase took us to the driving range so he can practice with his new clubs. Chase is determined that Chloe is going to be a golfer & has already asked when we can buy her her own set??
I am pretty excited too because Chase has asked me to play in the couples tournament with him this weekend!! I haven't golfed yet this year... actually I haven't golfed since.... I think it was the tournament I did with my mom last July?? Oh boy this could be interesting!! I sure hope Chase has lots of patience this weekend. More than anything I am just excited to spend some time with him. We haven't left Chloe yet so it will be good for us to get out.
Wish me Good Luck!!