Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yay, it's splash pad time!!  We will definitely be living here for the next several months;)

And..... at the golf course with dad!!!

And.... in Grandma Chris's garden watering all her pretty flowers.

And.... Playing dress ups with cousins


We went and saw "Epic" and the girls did good for the most part.  By the end they were running everywhere.  Thank goodness we had the movie theater to ourselves!!!


I love this time of year!!  It reminds me SO much of my childhood and where I spent my summers.  More than anything it reminds me of spending time with my Salt Lake cousins and ESPECIALLY my DAD..... Sure do miss him always, but especially this time of year!!  Love you DAD!!
Oakley did a great job btw, we can't wait to watch the rest of the girls get involved!

DeltaFit 5k
We just started a 100-day Challenge with our gym and really encouraged everyone to come and support the locals that were putting on a 5K.  
Chase was the first one done with a time of: 20 Minutes and 9 Seconds
and I finished in: 23 Minutes and 18 Seconds
We had a great turn out, we were pretty much the crowd.

Carousel with the Girls  
It's amazing what puts a smile on a childs face.  Sure wish we lived closer to one.....