Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kinley's 2nd Birthday!!!

I just love her cheesy smile??  This sweet little angel will definitely keep you on your feet.  She may be the sweetest but she's also always up to something and very mischievous.  
-She wants to be just like her big sister Chloe.  
-She LOVES Fruit snacks
-She loves cheese
-She loves being organized
-She loves wearing dresses and tutu's just like big sis
-Everyone thinks she belongs or looks just like Aunt Tara
-She's 17 months younger than Chloe
-Her favorite color is purple
-She loves to cuddle and give loves
-She doesn't really care for animals
-She loves to sing
-She LOVES to play with hair
-She loves dressing up
-She loves going to the library and reading books

We took two days to celebrate her birthday so that dad could be around for more of it.  We went up north and spoiled both girls.  


We went to the mall playground to play and this random girl decided she wanted her picture taken too?

I love how these two are becoming the best of friends!!

January 29, 2013

We decided to have cake and ice cream at the splash pad/park.  

Kinley loves her cousins and especially her Aunt Randie.  Days like today make me so happy that we moved back to Delta.  I love being close to family!!!

Kinley was spoiled with lots of fun water toys.  She got a fun swimming pool, water table bubbles and more!!  I can't wait for another year with this wild child..... she's the best!!  Love you Kin Kin!!