Thursday, January 2, 2014


So many things going on this month and we get to start it at the ER.  During craft time at home Chloe decided to stick a flower bead up her right nostril while mom wasn't looking.  When I saw her in the corner and noticed she was picking her nose, I told her that we should go blow it instead.  I then saw the tears come down her eyes as she was trying to blow it and realized there was more to it.  I asked her what was wrong and she then told me she stuck a bead up her nose.  I suddenly felt mad at her for doing something she knew was wrong and then saw her sad face and remembered I needed to stay calm because she was scared.  Who knows how long she'd been picking at it before I found her and if I could've gotten it out before she pushed it up further.  Unfortunately Delta doesn't have a InstaCare and the Doctors office couldn't get me in so my only option was to go to the ER.  They were super nice there!  Chloe didn't cry at all while we were there.  They tried to vacuum it out and that didn't help either.  They had to eventually take it out with forceps.  They gave her a sticker and sucker for being so good.  When we left Chloe said to me, "that was fun mom."  That made me think they should've done without the treats.  Needless to say she did it again about two weeks later and Chase was able to get it out before she attempted to pick at it and push it up further.  

As crappy as it was for being in the ER, I can't forget how brave this princess of mine was.  I was reminded how much I love her too!!

My B-day
We started the day by doing the "Dirty Thirty" for the workout, we felt it was only necessary.  Chase took us up north and we met Tara so she could take the girls and we could have the day to ourselves.  Thanks so much Tara!!  We shopped all day long and had so much fun!!  Chase spoiled me like always and took me to Lululemon.  We ate some yummy food at The Cheesecake Factory and just had fun being together.  Don't know if I am too excited about being 30 or not.  I haven't had two minutes to think about it.