Friday, November 30, 2012

What Else have WE been up TO??

Chloe think she's pretty cute with dad's hat and will pose for any picture.

LOTS of painting!

Kinley has another idea of painting.  
She pores the water out and then might add some color but she mostly just wants to make messes and see how much water she can splash around.... :)

If you want to make Kinley happy she MUST have her B'S..... Blankie, Baby, Binkie and Book.  I can't complain.  I think it's actually pretty cute!

I guess I should be happy that these girls would brush their teeth all day if I'd let them but it actually drives me CRAZY! So if you can't find the girls check the nearest bathroom or wherever they left their toothbrushes last.

Kinley's at the age where she just loves to do what Chloe is doing but she also is very unique and her ownself.  She just randomly will show up with things on that she does to herself.... she's pretty smart!  I love those chunky legs!!


Yay, Kinley decided that she can go down the big slide by herself... it's taken some time.