Friday, November 30, 2012

Halloween 2012

I seriously can't keep up with these two.... I absolutely love having them close together.  I think I'll do it again:) They are becoming such good friends and love playing together??

Family Night carving pumpkins!!

Chase is trying to coach Chloe on taking the insides out of the pumpkin.  
She wasn't sure at all about it and really didn't want to.
This is as far as she got, then she wimped out!!  She's definitely my prissy girl.  She's constantly washing her hands in the middle of a meal.  She can't handle a single crumb or bit of stickiness.  Kinley on the other hand tries to create the biggest messes possible.  That's why you'll notice in lots of pictures that she is always shirtless:)
I just love that precious smile of Chloe's!

Dance Halloween Party!!

Chloe's dance studio had a party for them and she was so so excited to go as Belle.  
Chloe loves her little dance friends Bella and Kamree.  
The started by coloring Halloween pictures.
Played Musical Numbers
Played a little Halloween Twister

Made a fun Halloween craft w/ Kamree and Jeter
This is just the 2-4 year olds!!
3 Besties!!
Belle, Snow White and Tinkerbelle:)
Halloween Night!!

Can you tell they're excited??

We only planned on doing a couple of houses but then kept visiting friends/ neighbors so needless to say the girls were pretty tired when we got home??  Kinley made the cutest pirate EVER!!