Friday, November 30, 2012


Mike and Chris decided to spoil the whole family with Disney on Ice.  All 6 granddaughters were extremely excited.  I know you can't tell with Chloe's picture below but she was just mad she had to hold still for a picture.  Unfortunately Chase couldn't make it because he had already planned a trip to San Francisco with some friends for Monday night football.  It was so fun to see the girls light up with smiles as they saw their favorite princesses and other disney characters.  

Susan and her girls!

It was pretty cute, all the girls wanted to sit by Mike and Chris!  

Except for Kinley!  She just wanted to be everywhere:) She did good the first 15 minutes and then just wanted to play with the chair and hold hands with the little boy behind us.  This girl has always got something going... she definitely doesn't know how to hold still.

Me, Susan and Meghann

Kinley and Riley

One of Chloe's favorite parts was when all the genie's kept came out and skated.  We had just watched Aladdin for the first time the night before so I think that's why.

The performance was truly so good.  

Thanks so much Mike and Chris!!!