Monday, July 16, 2012

Kinley turned 1!!!!

I can't believe how quickly this last year flew by!  

Kinley was kind of feverish when she woke up:( but seemed to still enjoy her favorite breakfast.... strawberries and pancakes.  
She continued to be her happy self and play and then it hit......
she had a bad fever all day long and just slept in my arms.  
I felt so bad for her but enjoyed loving/cuddling my baby.  We had fun things planned for her big day but just ended up staying home and letting her rest.
I had other plans for a cake but with her being sick all day this is what our last minute cake turned out to be.  
She loved it!!
Chloe loved the frosting and frosting only.
Fam picture
Trying to figure out this present opening stuff....
not fast enough for Chloe..... so she comes to help:)
Chloe takes over the present (baby stroller) 

Kinley is such a blessing in our lives.  She came earlier then we expected for our second child, but I can't imagine this world without her.  She is so easy going and fun to be around.  
-She says mama and dada and sometimes dog
-She loves, LOVES fruit.... you name it any kind
-She loves to play peek-a-boo and tag
-She loves to be pushed in the swing
-She adores her big sister and enjoys playing with her and feeling like a "big girl"
-She took her first steps at 9 months and hasn't stopped since
-She still takes two naps a day and sleeps through the night
-Kinley is such a people person and has her favorite people that she recognizes
-Kinley goes to nursery off and on and loves it!!! (I am in the primary and works great)
-Kinley has this new thing when she doesn't get her way or is tired and she'll just drop on the ground and put her forehead on the tile and's pretty sad.
-She started to climb on everything and is pretty good, no major falls yet!?
-Hair is only long enough to do one pony on top.
-She gets pretty scared of big dogs and will cry.
-She LOVES the trampoline!! 
But she doesn't really get that the sides exist and she's getting too fast for me to run from side to side.  (Can't wait to someday finish our backyard and put one in the ground)
-She Loves candy IN THE WRAPPER... so I guess she LOVES PAPER??
(She freeks out if you try to take the wrapper off)
-Kinley officially has 8 teeth.
-She loves being pushed in the stroller
-It still amazes me how opposite these two girls of mine are.... I love it though don't get me wrong.
-She's started to show a little interest in doing puzzles and not always having to suck on all the pieces so that is good... Chloe will be happy:)
-Going to the library is like Christmas for Kinley, in the sense that she runs up and down the book isles and sees how many books she can pull off the shelfs.  We used to go weekly but I need a little break, they're hard to keep up with.
-Kinley is a TOTAL BINKIE GIRL.... 
kind of nervous for when I'll have to break this habit!!!
-She loves stairs and is still practicing on how to go down them, again... no major falls!
-She loves toilet paper in every way... 
to unroll it, to eat it or just anything.
-Kinley loves the water in every way possible.
-Kinley is my daredevil and will try/do anything=bad and good:(