Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of JULY!!!

Can't miss the good old Delta 4th of July.  
This was another special year because my sister's family was able to come and visit.  We don't see them very often so it was a GREAT TREAT to have the family together!!

It's crazy to think that this time last year Kinley was 5 days old and now she's so big:)
She was so excited to finally have snuck (is that a word?) a piece of candy from all of her cousins.
Kinley sure loves her Aunt Randie!
Clarissa and Chloe
Not sure what kind of face this is?
Chloe and Nathaniel became buds when we went to Texas in March and were excited (?) to see each other??  They had a hard time getting along:)
There's that smurk again??
Love this picture!!
Kinley was loving that candy was everywhere!!  She would hurry and grab a piece and go camp out on her chair and was all content eating the wrapper  candy!
I found it funny that this year there was so much candy thrown out from the floats that the kids were stepping over the candy they didn't want.  What kid gets picky and only picks up their favorites.  I remember fighting over candy I didn't like.....

Audrey and baby Brent (named after my dad:))
Chase & Kinley
Most of the cousins

Chloe LOVES her uncle Jayson.  
She has sure missed him since he moved home this summer.  
Grandma with the 13 grandkids.  
There are 3 boys in case you can't see them they are all in the front!!
Chloe loves it when Uncle Greg will saddle up the horses.
We had a yummy bbq that night and rode horses at Greg's house!!
We decided to have a quick family picture since we're not together that often.  I am so grateful for my family and all that they do.  It's so true that at the end of the day it's your family that matters the most!  

Siblings and spouses
Grandma again with the grandkids!!  
Don't tell her I posted this picture, she'll kill me!