Sunday, December 2, 2012

We're just "Hanging" out.... 
while we get ready TO MOVE TO DELTA!!

Well in a matter of just 4 days our lives have completely changed.  As bitter sweet as it is we know, it's for the good!!
Back in August/September Chase learned there was a job opening in the accounting department at a plant in Delta called Materion.  It is a plant that has been drilling beryllium or the last 30 years plus.  After filling out a application and sending in his resume he never really heard anything.  We received a letter about a month later that thanked Chase for his interest but they had others they were interviewing.  Chase didn't seem too disappointed.  From the beginning of applying he figured it was a position that wasn't within reach for him.  So when he received this letter he didn't think much of anything. 
It was now the first weekend of November and we were getting ready to go to the Las Vegas air show.  It was a Friday and Chase received a phone call and they explained they still hadn't hired anyone and were doing a second round of interviews.  They wanted to interview Chase first thing that coming Monday morning in Delta and also a phone interview with corporate on Tuesday.  Chase definitely accepted and from that day our lives have changed.  
The air show was fun but my mind was definitely going many directions.  He hadn't even had the interviews yet and my mind was thinking about all the "what if's."  Living in Delta with our family has come up in many conversations and we both hoped it would be an option someday for our family but never really knew if that opportunity would come.  
Well Monday morning came and Chase felt pretty confident about his interview.  Tuesdays phone interview with the corporate office in Ohio went really well too.  They told Chase they would let him know by hopefully Thanksgiving which was a little over a week away.  It was only two hours after his phone interview that they called back and offered him the job and wanted him to start December 10.  I am still in shock with how those four days have changed our lives.  
We know this move is for the good.  It's definitely bitter-sweet!!  We have truly grown to love Cedar City, our friends, our jobs and especially our gym- Crossfit Cedar City.