Monday, December 12, 2011


After Thanksgiving weekend we decided to spend a day up north with just the four of us.
It was lots of fun especially when we went and saw Santa.
Chloe had just woken up so maybe not so much for her.
I really didn't want to be in the picture but that is the only way Chloe would even come close to him.
Kinley on the other hand had no idea what was going on and just smiled like usual....

which is why Kinley got her own picture.
The photographer asked if they could take extra pictures with just Kinley so they could use them as their display. We thought that was pretty cool, not only because she's the cutest (we already knew that) but they gave us free pictures too:)


Chris said...

Boy, you did some major catching up! Just love all the pictures...that little Kinley is so photogenic, cute picture with Santa. Darling little girls and a good looking mom and dad.

The Funderburks said...

Love it!

Joey said...

What adorable little ones you have! They grow so fast that sometimes don't you just want to push the "pause" button so that you can enjoy each tiny moment just a little longer?