Monday, December 12, 2011

HaPpY THaNkSgIvInG!!!

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving twice. The weekend before at my moms house... still need to download those pictures from my phone. We had tons of fun celebrating gingerbread houses with all the cousins.
The actual weekend we were at the Christensen's. It was lots of fun & super yummy!!

Kinley was sleeping & Chloe was..... herself.... everywhere. Got to love this almost 2 year old age:)
Got to love the turkey Meghann made, the kids were sure eatin it up!!!

I can't believe how quickly the month of November came & left. I started listing each day on facebook something that I was thankful for but then sadly lost track of time with everything that life brings. But that doesn't mean that I am not thankful. Here's a new list so I don't feel guilty for not finishing my list earlier:)
1- My Husband & two sweet girls!
2- Mine & Chase's family!
3- Chase's education & job!
4- The opportunity I've had to go back to school this year!!
5- My religion!
6- Eternal families, I know I'll live with my dad again someday (which bring so much joy to my heart!)
7- A living prophet that receives revelation to guide us in these latter days.
8- That Chase & I are both return missionaries.
9-For our house that protects us & keeps us warm.
10- Our cars that get us around.
11- All of our different talents that make us unique & different from one another.
12- Our freedom
13- Our Health
14- Being married in the temple
15- My friends
16- My friendship with my mom & sister.
17- To come from a family where WORK is taught from a young age.
18- To live in Utah (We truly are so blessed)
19- To have such amazing technology.
20- The ability to smell, hear, touch & feel
21- My neighbors
22- My calling in the primary..... love the children.
23- For trials (I mean the after part, when you see how much you've grown & what you learned.)
24- Thankful for good music & the peace it can bring.
25- Thankful for the toys & fun things we have now to entertain our kids with.
26- Thankful for good books to help us teach our children.
27- Thankful for the sun.
28- That I get to be a mother.
29- The example that Chloe & Kinley are to me!!!
30- The people who risk their lives for us each day so that we can have the freedom we do!!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!