Monday, December 12, 2011

Kinley is 4 months old

Her stats:
Weight: 13.6 (43%)
Height: 25 (77%)
HC: 42 (79%)

She's definitely bigger than Chloe was at this age but they are just completely different with their built, skin tones, hair color etc. She's rolling all over the place & now trying to army crawl her way to things she really wants. She can almost sit up by herself too. She does like her binkie & her two middle fingers. She's very entertained by her older sister & could just watch her all day & laugh & smile.
She loves to giggle! When she first started to laugh it was funny how it worked.... she would only giggle if you really scared her. At first I felt so bad trying to scare her but not once did she get sad.... she would just smile & giggle.
She still sleeps through the night & has pretty much the hole time. I am so glad that I put the two girls in separate rooms. When we can't find Chloe in the morning it's usually because she has sneaked into Kinley's room & climbed in her crib. On more than one occasion we've found Chloe in her crib singing her songs while she's sleeping. How sweet are my girls???... man I just love them!!!

Kinley is really enjoying her rice cereal! She doesn't really fuss much but she can sure spit up. Some other names she goes by are:
Baby K
Kinney (Chloe)
Sister (Chloe)