Sunday, May 15, 2011


Lots have been asking me if I am still enjoying hair school.
Well here's the update:
I do have to admit that it's been a crazy month with projects, assignments & tests but so so so worth it. Not only has it been crazy busy with all of that stuff but I've also been working really hard at becoming an advance student. There are a ton of requirements (so many different hair cuts, styles, perms, colors, facials, scalp treatments, manicures, nails, pedicures, finger waves, hair extensions, braids, dreadlocks, cleaning & styling wigs, etc) that you have to do, a huge test (ten pages front & back that takes about 3-4 hours) & an interview. Since we received our stuff to get started I made some goals to get it done ASAP so that I could be advance before the baby comes....
WELL, I am an advance student!!! So what does that mean??? Well, first off I don't have to wear the ugly maroon color of smock & now get to wear black (that looks so much better)!, People pay more money to have an advance student work on them, but it also means a little more pressure to do everything right even if it is a cut or style I have never done. But there is also a lot pressure that is gone knowing that I have met all of those requirements. Now the only requirements I have to meet are the State requirements which include 200 perms, so many hair cuts, colors, 40 finger waves & of course my 2000 Hours.
I think I am right on track with everything. I try to do at least 20 perms a week, so that while I am down with the baby that I won't get too far behind.
Not only has it been crazy with becoming advance but I feel like the last two weeks especially have been different. First reason.... I went to school like any other day & next thing I know I am at the mortuary doing hair. Lucky me I was nominated for that project out of 40 something students. Then last week I got nominated to do the "mean ladies" hair because her regular student was going to be out of town. I was pretty nervous for this lady that is supposedly so mean.... but all in all everything went really well (thank goodness). She loved her perm, cut & style.

Here are some pictures from school so far.

My super good friend Katie let us use her for the fantasy up-do contest. Whitney & I had great plans to do an awesome octopus but found out hours before that there was another team with the same idea.... so with little time & brainstorming we pulled off a rainbow. The picture doesn't do it justice. Either way it was lots of fun!!
Katie also let me use her for my class demonstration in front of all the other students. We did a bunch of bling strands in one place & coordinated some feathers, it looked awesome.... Katie you're the best! If anyone wants bling strands or feathers let me know, I have tons of fun colors:)

Since day 1 the 4 of us have just kind of clicked. Kenzie from Delta, Emily from Vegas, Whitney from Cedar/Delta & me. We had so much fun at the hair show in Sandy a couple of weeks ago.

Whit & I decided that we both needed a new style & was brave enough to let a stylist take over. I thinking we both just felt like we needed some type of change where we're both pregnant.

Whitney got the cutest bangs & layers. I got some serious Justin Beiber bangs that didn't want to part the way she wanted...:)