Monday, May 9, 2011

More Pics of Chloe
her 15 month Check up

Chloe's is definitely staying busy & is everywhere. She has so much energy I struggle to keep up with her. This last week we visited the doctor & had another routine check up. She also had to get two shots:( (she didn't even cry though:))
Here are the stats:
Weight- 20.05 (13%)
Height- 31 3/4 (84%)
HC- 48 cm (93%)
She's doing great & growing on the chart. Looks like she's still following the tall, skinny trend.

-Chloe is still trying new foods.
-She still loves her raisins & would prefer them over any meal.
-She loves her sippy cup especially when she occasionally gets punch.
-She's like her daddy & loves all breakfast foods (pancakes, french toast, etc)
-She loves to give kisses & wave.
-She loves to look & smell the flowers.
-Loves jumping on the trampoline.
-Just loves being outside.
-Loves her trips to St. George (on Saturdays) so she can play with the twins.
-Loves nursery!!! Yay, we can try & enjoy at least 1-2 hours of church now. At least for a couple weeks until we get our new addition:)
-Has added Sesame street to her favorites.
-Now has 6 teeth & two more breaking through.

It's been so nice having Chase back from tax season. Those two have definitely been busy on the weekends while I've been at school.

Playing at Discovery Park. She likes the tunnels, slides & also enjoys eating the wood chips :)

Playing with Aunt Tara, Mother's Day weekend.

Hanging out with Grandma Chris

Bath time with the twins after a busy day playing outside on the tramp & in the dirt.

Lunch with dad while mommy was up north at a Hair Show.


Nat Lud said...

She is so cute! Hey, e-mail me and I'll email ya some answers to your blurb questions.

Jason, Elisa, Connor and Megan said...

She is so cute! I miss you guys and I hope to see you soon!