Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow! Does time go by fast or what? Here is my long awaited Christmas Post. I know it's super late but I still have to do it for me!! It's crazy how fast 2009 went by. Chase & I have been so blessed with a great year! Chase continues to be such a great example to me. This year we decided to not do anything for each other so that we could save for Chloe. I didn't realize how hard this would be. Everything I saw I wanted to buy for him. But it taught me a very important lesson- the true meaning of Christmas!! I love you so much Chase, thanks for your great example!
We're so excited to start this next year with our little baby Chloe!!

Here is a picture of our Christmas Tree!!

Me & Chase on Christmas Day Morning!! This year we spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning with Chase's family. It was so fun to see the whole family, especially the new twins. Breakfast was amazing like always, Chris. Thanks for everything you guys do!!

Christmas Eve with Grandma Barbara. She is such a beautiful & sweet women, we just love her so much!!

Can't have Christmas without a visit from Santa Clause!!

Chase & Santa, guess he was a good boy if he got a present:)

Unfortunately I didn't get that many pictures of my family :( But I did get this cute one of my niece Elle. She was having so much fun opening the presents. I am so excited that Chloe will have so many cousins!
We spent Christmas Day with my family & had so much fun with family. It's always so fun to just hang out with each other because we don't get to see one another that often. We sure missed my sister & her family in Texas! My mom always goes out of her way to make it so special & it truly is. Thanks mom for all that you do, we had a blast! We especially had fun putting the puzzle together that took us not only that weekend but the next couple of weeks. It was by far the never-ending puzzle, but it was worth it!!:)


Nat Lud said...

You are adorable! You still look so good. Can't wait to read the baby post sometime soon! When exactly is she due?