Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Years Eve!!

Well, Chase & I kept saying that we were going to have an awesome New Year's Eve this year!! The only reason that we kept saying this is because the last two have been terrible. Two years ago we were on a cruise & Chase got the serious 24 hour flu & spend the hole night throwing up. The next day when we got to Barbados he tried to do the zip-line excursion & almost didn't make it. They had to rush him to the front of the line to get him out of there. We now call that island "Barf-bados."
Last year Chase & I decided to fly to Texas to see my sister on New Years Eve Day. That night turned out bad when we missed our plane & the next one wasn't going out until the next day. So we thought we would make the most of it & go to the strip (we flew out of Vegas). Only to find out that they were shutting down the main streets of Vegas. So yes we ended up playing cards in the airport terminal for many many hours.
So this year we started by going up north to shop, which can never go wrong:) We got Chloe the cutest Easter Dress, I am so excited!! Then half way through the day Chase wasn't feeling so good. So we cut our visit a little short & went home. He tried to tough it out by going to dinner at his Aunt's house, only to spend the night in the bathroom. So once again Chase was sick with the 24 hour bug. I don't know what is wrong with this picture, but it better not keep happening. I am starting to wonder if I should start carrying some type of bag with me on this "supposed-to-be" fun holiday. So there you have it, we're going on a streak of 3 years with bad luck on this day.... Guess we'll see what next year has to bring??