Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, this last week was crazy! Not only did Chase work his butt off with finishing taxes before the deadline but we had Easter right before the big week of deadlines!!

It all started with EASTER! This year we went to my moms in Delta. It's a tradition that we always do a child AND ADULT Easter Egg HUNT!! Sounds kind of childish for the adults but if you knew how much fun it was and all of the prizes you would be in too!!

Unfortunately, I think I just accidentally erased my Easter pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it! Chase definitely had the most Easter eggs! We ended up with about $45 dollars together in change. We won a bean bag toss game, Backseat Drawer board game & a Horse Show Game. Some of the other prizes that were won by my siblings were beautiful homemade quilts by my mom, more games & the big prize was a T.V. Not only was it a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt but an awesome day. We had a yummy ham dinner and my grandparents came over from Aurora. Now if I ever find my pictures on this computer that I am still learning how to run ( got to love Mac computers), then I will definitely post the pics. Gosh, I am so bugged right now, ew I hate that feeling!


kori_leach said...

Hey Dee!! I found your blog and you and Chase are tooo stinkin cute! I miss you!!