Sunday, April 19, 2009

Todd & Staci are getting Married!!

Since the whole family was in town we decided to also have a shower for Staci! Todd is Chase's little brother and he and Staci are getting married on May 15!

We are so excited for you Todd & Staci and can't wait until the big day, it's going to be so pretty!!

Here is the bride to be... she got some pretty funny advice. One that I liked was: if you don't ever want to do something more than once, just make sure you mess it up the first time.

Here are most of the cousins that were there:
Susan, Candace, Jill, Angie, Mindy, Meghann, Staci, Lisa, Michelle, Maggie, Christy, Staci, Tara & Me!!


Bryan and Christy Clark said...

Dee! My blog never said that you were putting up new posts so I just clicked to see and you had like 5 new ones! Those bread pans are so cute! I miss hanging out with you girls! You are so fun! That is so cute Chase's grandma got remarried! I love that. Hooray for tax season being over. For how horrible the past few months are, isn't April 16th the best day ever?!