Sunday, April 19, 2009


Like I said this week we were going to have Card Party at my house!! Everyone brought blank cards and they were super cute! I made some yummy salads! My new favorite is the Caramel Apple Salad & Chicken Pasta Salad (Let me know if you want the recipe). My friend Julie made a really yummy frape' (I think that's what she calls them?)
Anyways, for the craft this time I decided that it would be fun to use my cricut and cut some vinyl that we would use to "etch" with. Now this was so so so easy, I couldn't believe it! Here are some of the pictures of what I did, I hope that you can see them!

On the first one I put our last name on a glass bread pan...on the second one I put some cute flowers on some candy dishes! They are kind of hard to see but super cute!