Sunday, April 19, 2009

Todd & Staci are getting Married!!

Since the whole family was in town we decided to also have a shower for Staci! Todd is Chase's little brother and he and Staci are getting married on May 15!

We are so excited for you Todd & Staci and can't wait until the big day, it's going to be so pretty!!

Here is the bride to be... she got some pretty funny advice. One that I liked was: if you don't ever want to do something more than once, just make sure you mess it up the first time.

Here are most of the cousins that were there:
Susan, Candace, Jill, Angie, Mindy, Meghann, Staci, Lisa, Michelle, Maggie, Christy, Staci, Tara & Me!!


Happy Birthday Dale!!

Chase's Grandma Barbara just got married to a really cool man, Dale. This weekend was his 80th birthday so she threw him a big birthday party & dinner with the whole family. It's nice to have these celebrations to get all of the Christensens together!

Grandma Barbara and the Birthday boy, Dale

Us, with Chase's cousin Ryan & wife Michelle.

Us Again!!

Chase & our super cute Niece, Sienna.

Me, Chase, Todd (Chase's brother) & fiance' Staci, Meghann (sister) & husband A.J. & little sister Tara!


Like I said this week we were going to have Card Party at my house!! Everyone brought blank cards and they were super cute! I made some yummy salads! My new favorite is the Caramel Apple Salad & Chicken Pasta Salad (Let me know if you want the recipe). My friend Julie made a really yummy frape' (I think that's what she calls them?)
Anyways, for the craft this time I decided that it would be fun to use my cricut and cut some vinyl that we would use to "etch" with. Now this was so so so easy, I couldn't believe it! Here are some of the pictures of what I did, I hope that you can see them!

On the first one I put our last name on a glass bread pan...on the second one I put some cute flowers on some candy dishes! They are kind of hard to see but super cute!


Well, this last week was crazy! Not only did Chase work his butt off with finishing taxes before the deadline but we had Easter right before the big week of deadlines!!

It all started with EASTER! This year we went to my moms in Delta. It's a tradition that we always do a child AND ADULT Easter Egg HUNT!! Sounds kind of childish for the adults but if you knew how much fun it was and all of the prizes you would be in too!!

Unfortunately, I think I just accidentally erased my Easter pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it! Chase definitely had the most Easter eggs! We ended up with about $45 dollars together in change. We won a bean bag toss game, Backseat Drawer board game & a Horse Show Game. Some of the other prizes that were won by my siblings were beautiful homemade quilts by my mom, more games & the big prize was a T.V. Not only was it a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt but an awesome day. We had a yummy ham dinner and my grandparents came over from Aurora. Now if I ever find my pictures on this computer that I am still learning how to run ( got to love Mac computers), then I will definitely post the pics. Gosh, I am so bugged right now, ew I hate that feeling!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Since I have been in this Card Club I have felt a lot more crafty.  I have always been a big fan of scrapbooking and making cards.  The cool thing about our club is that we take our cards already made and then make a new craft when we are there.  Last time we made blocks at Julie's house and I haven't stopped making them.  Here are the ones I just finished.  The girls I work with got together at Diane's house and just went crazy...  the cool thing about them is that they have letters on 4 of the 6 sides so we can spell something for every season and use them all year long!!

Stay tuned... next week Card Club is at my house and we will be etching glass with vinyl using my cricut!!  I have been practicing and it is so easy & fun!!

What We've Been Up To...

Golfing in Mesquite......

Like I said before this is Chase's crazy time of year and I don't ever see him!  But this last weekend we made a quick get away to Mesquite.  His parents were down there and invited us for a quick round of golf.  All of you that know Chase, know that he more than likely won't turn down a game a golf.  Chase & his dad played 18 holes at the Casa Blanca and had tons of fun!  It was so nice for both of us to get some sun and get away, even if it was just for a day!  Here are some pictures of us on the course, it was so so pretty!!