Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This was probably one of best things about the museum, face painting. Apparently, all the girls thought that Uncle Jeremy (my brother) needed his face painted too. Don't worry Audrey was in on it too, getting the back side.

Cute little Marinda had a mind of her own.... she wasn't going anywhere.

Me & Chaser with my pregnant belly

Day 3 at the Houston Zoo.

Me & the best husband ever!!

Chase & Clarissa looking at the monkeys

The official 26 Week picture!! Only 14 more weeks to go!!

Clarissa, Elisabeth & Marinda the morning we left. It gets harder & harder to leave them each time & not know when you will see them again:(

Last picture with Nathaniel. Is he not the cutest boy in the world. I love his natural curly hair and bright blue eyes. He looks a lot like the girls but also reminds me of my dad!!