Friday, October 2, 2009

Delta Golf Tournament

You're probably confused so let me answer your questions first.
My mom mentioned when I spoke with her at the beginning of this week that she was in the tournament this weekend & they were short one player. Me being the silly one offered jokingly that I was her woman! She said she would let me know if they needed me for sure. I told Chase & he got all excited that I was going to maybe golf in the same tournament as he & my mom.
But my mom never said anything throughout the week about needed a 4th player so I just assumed they found someone else that actually practices.

Well, come Friday night when we get to Delta my mom asks, "So did you bring your golf clubs?" I looked at her & said are you serious? Of course I didn't because I didn't hear from her & really wished I would of because I never get to use my cute pink clubs. But me being the good daughter still offered to golf in the morning.

So that should explain my outfit in this first picture. YES, I am wearing flip-flops because they are the most comfortable to me especially when I golf- everyone thinks that I am crazy. I did take my running shoes though in case they were desperately needed. This is the second time that I have golfed 18 holes. I actually really enjoyed it & didn't do too bad. The best part was all of the laughs & seeing Chase golf with his brothers at the same time. Thanks mom but give me a heads up next time and then maybe we might win something:)

Here is my cute mom, she's the best!!

It was for sure a fun-filled day. When our tournament got over around 3, we headed up north to do some shopping. My mom & I love to go shopping up north & especially to go to the MAC makeup counter... we have no control. We got some fun baby stuff & I got some really cute clothes that will be perfect for my belly that is growing. We had lots of fun- thanks so much mom!!