Sunday, April 13, 2008

Update on the last year

The beginning of 2007 was pretty busy. Chase had a really cool birthday and I got him a really nice shot gun. Easter was a fun holiday like always. Of course it is Chase's favorite holiday so that is a big thing for him but it also means the annual Easter Egg Hunt for my family!!! My mom goes all out for this hunt. She has a seperate one for the grandkids in the front yard and then as soon as they are done all of the adults are waiting for whistle. My mom hides over 300 eggs on more than 2 acres of land. We aren't talkin just candy we are talking $$ and really cool prizes!!

We also had lots going on like our triathlon that I hav already blogged about and last but not least Chase's graduation!!! Chase and I decided that he needed a vacation from school so we went on a vacation to Texas to see my sister and her family!! It was a fun family vacation. I love to see my neices they just make me so happy. They live in Houston but after a short stay there we went to San Antonio. We were able to visit Sea World, Six Flags, The Alamo and the Riverwalk!!

Soon came summer and all of the girls on the Christensen side decided that we neede a girls vacation.......... so we thought San Francisco would be the place........ We went for a long weekend. We went and saw the broadway, Jersey Boys, we went on a dinner cruise and saw Alcatraz, did LOTS of shopping and can't forget the Yankees game against the Giants!!!

That was a way fun "girls" trip, I think we might be going to New York for this years trip!! I can't wait, I love the East Coast.

Chase and I also went fishing for the first time at his grandma's cabin in Swains Creek and had a blast.... Chase didn't know I really knew how to go fishing and he was especially surprised with my cast... (thanks to grandpa who taught me)!! Well since we're talking about fishing then I should probably go into the hunting season. Chase was the only one that drew out and that means that everyone was really counting on him. Usually we go to grandma's cabin and hunt in the coral pink sand dunes but we decided to stay close to home this time. But that left our hunting kind of limited. But everything worked out perfect, it was definitely my kind of hunting.. we left at 8 in the morning. We drove around the Oak City area and finally saw some deer crossing the roads. As soon as we saw some Chase jumped out of the truck and aimed for the biggest one. We were excited when we saw it dropped, but now it was just a matter of finding it! After 20 minutes Mike found it and I was so relieved. Chase did all the cleaning and we were gone and back by 11 at the latest. Now that is what I call hunting!

Well there was a lot that happened inbetween all of this.... like I said earlier this is just a fast glance ast the last year so that everyone can get caught up! Chase went to school all summer long and we went home on the weekends so that he could help his dad farm. Not to mention that Chase offered to because he loves to farm so much. While he would farm I got ambitious and would go on 30 mile bike rides which I can't wait to start doing again!!
During this year of 2007 I was also working one Friday a month for free. Everyone says that I am crazy until they know what the reason why??? Well... my wonderful boss took us on an all-paid vacation.... YES- can we say a free cruise to the Eastern Caribbean!! But we first had to stop in Florida and go to the Everglades and see all the alligators!!! And NO, I am not crazy!! Well on this cruise our favorite island would have to be St. Maarten by far!! We did some awesome excursions and learned a lot about this island and how 1/2 of it is owned by the French... bet you didn't know that?? Just kidding. We also got to taste some amazing homemade fruit punch... nothing like what we drink in the U.S.

Well we got home from that unbelievable vacation and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got ready for Christmas and also for my awesome little brother to get home from his mission!! The picture is on a different post. That was so awesome I hadn't seen him in almost 3 years!! He just got home from serving in the Ukraine mission... exactly where Chase went. So now they have their own little secret language!! So December started on a really good start.. Jayson came home and we would all be together for the Holidays... and I can't forget that my oldest neice was also getting baptized!! My family had an amazing Christmas Eve. My wonderful brother did some thinking this last year and decided we needed to have a night where we would just focus on our dad and all of our memories. Well, I was excited for this night but also kind of anticipating it because I knew that all I would do is cry. Well, of course that happened but there was much laughter about all of the good times. It was definitely an unforgettable Christmas Eve. I miss my dad so much but I know with all my heart he is watching over me and my family!!
Once again Grandma Barbara spoiled us with another Christmas vacation and yes it was another cruise. Yep your right the 3rd cruise in just a year and 2nd in a month and a half. We went to the Western Caribbean this time. This was a different cruise because instead of 3 islands there were 5!! This other picture makes me laugh... we were in St Thomas and this nativ guy really wanted me to sit on his pet donkey, "Oprah". Of course this is how he makes money because you pay to take a picture, but oh well.. Anway I got on the donkey and he said okay now kiss your wife to Chase and he did so that we could get a picture. Then the native says..., "There's nothing like kissing your wife on the ass". Ha Ha Ha. We thought that was pretty funny!!!

Well inbetween all of the traveling, holidays, Jayson coming home, school and work we have also been in the process of building a home. From the first day we got married we have been living in a brand new townhome which we loved. But we figured we should be spending all that rent money on a mortgage payment! So we did some house shopping and then decided to just build what we wanted. We went with Highline Enterprises as our contractor and we love how it turned out. We started building on our 1 year wedding anniversary and moved in on January 19, 2008. It was pretty crazy getting home from the cruise and having to unpack and pack everything back up to move... not to mention Chase going to school and working full-time. But it obviously worked out and we love it here. I am still in the process of decorating and hopefully we will start the yard and fence this summer and fall.


Liz Szilagyi said...

Man, you sound so busy! I bet it's so fun being part of the Christensen girl family. I love the donkey story. And I also love that you wowed chase with your fishing cast. Way to go girl.