Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is Where it all Began.....

How the Christensen family came to be......

.......Chase and I started dating in the middle of May right after I got home from my mission. I lived in Saratoga Springs with my brother Jeremy and his wife Cortney. I found a good job working with a computer software company and was getting used to the "normal" life again. Chase was chasing me hard and I just kept playing my little game. He was living in Delta for the summer helping his dad farm. As soon as he would get off work he would head my way. After some late nights, early mornings for Chase (driving back to Delta) and as Chase would put it "delayed" action ( I kept kissing him on the forhead and made him wait for at least a month before I would kiss him on the lips)..... things finally made progress and we were heading towards an eternal relationship.

On the 4th of July Chase and I went on a pattle boat on the rez and watched the fireworks. We both new that we needed to have the "DTR" talk (Discuss the Relationship). Afterall he would be heading back to Cedar City to start school in the fall and we needed to talk about the future. Well that's exactly what happened. After much talk, it was for sure that we were getting married it was just a matter of when??? We needed to do get married before school starts and I REFUSED to having a December wedding. We new it would be in August/September. The next day I went shopping with my mom and Audrey in Provo. On the way up of course the conversation lead to me and Chase. So I had to tell that there is a wedding in the future... so we know what the means........... WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!!! I didn't dare tell Chase I already had it picked out the first day without having a ring on my finger. So I didn't I decided to be patient!! That next week while I was working Chase called and said he was on his way to pick me up and go pick out a wedding ring!! I was so surprised and so excited that I would get to help pick it out!! So after work we went straight to The Shane Company in Salt Lake. We both talked earlier about how we liked silver and round diamonds... so I figured we were already on a good start. After a hour we found the ring... it was just a matter which diamond.???? I didn't want to decide that so I left Chase and started looking for his ring while he decided. By the time we left my ring was getting sized and ready for pick up in a week (at least that's what they said) and my ring for Chase had a down payment. Nobody knew that this is what we were doing. We went to his sisters afterwards and everyone noticed we were pretty giddy. We didn't say anything but I am pretty sure it was obvious.

That following Saturday, July 8, 2006 I went to the golf course with Chase and his brothers. I could kind of tell there was something going on but knew that it couldn't be anything because the ring wouldn't be ready until next week. Afterwards Chase decided we needed to go back to the rez and have another boat ride... except for this time it would be on the ski boat and this time would be even more unforgettable. Chase took me to a special spot so that we could watch the sunset over the was so pretty! I could tell he was trying to "set the mood" but his parents kept flying over us back and forth. Me being the airhead that I am asked Chase, "Why don't your parents just honk the horn." Well apparently planes don't have horns and I will never hear the end to that. As soon as they flew away Chase tried to set the mood again by singing to me.... which he often did. He sang that song that Adam Sandler sings about how he wants to grown old with me!! I automatically got tears in my eyes and knew what was coming. Chase got on his knees and expressed his love to me (I don't remember much) but the thing I remember the most is that he said I LOVE YOU for the first time!! Then out of no where he pulled out the ring that wasn't supposed to be ready, but I was so so so THRILLED that it was! Well this night was one of the memorable yet to come... September 1, 2006 is the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!