Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Addiction for Chase & I= CROSSFIT!!!

Chase and I started crossfit almost exactly a year ago.  Our neighbor talked Chase into trying it because he was kind of skeptical of the whole idea and a year later we are hooked!!  
It has been so nice to do it TOGETHER!!
If you haven't heard of it you better check it out.  Most crossfit gyms have the same idea but some do more lifting, cardio than others.  I LOVE our gym.  We're like one big family and it's a blast.  I remember the first time we walked in.... I kept thinking where are all the treadmills, elipticals and weight machines.  I couldn't believe that this warehouse looking building is where people were working out.  Soon to find out that they refer to it as the "box."  
Well, not only have we got a new addiction, created some great friendships but we're loving the change!!!

Here is Chase doing a #155 pound thruster... 
yes that is more than he weighs:).... GO CHASER!!
Lots of 20 foot rope climbs.... 
It's a great feeling when you ring the bell when you get to the top!!
Me starting a workout with a 500 meter row
Some of the workouts have names.... 
this workout is "ANNIE" and it includes:
-50 double unders
-50 situps
-40 double unders
-40 situps
-30 double unders
-30 situps...... and so on down to 10. 
The first time I did this one it wasn't a time I was proud of... the situps killed me!!
But now I have finally made it to the leader board:)

So the MESSAGE IS if you're looking for a change with your workout, CHECK out the closest Crossfit Gym to YOU!!

Chase & I kept playing with the idea of doing the Cedar 1/2 Marathon together.  Finally the week before when we were debating what to do for our 6 year wedding anniversary we decided this year we would do the 1/2.  So we signed up!!!  Signing up the week before was so not like me.  Last year I signed up 2+ months before and trained for it.  The thought of not training for it was a little mind-boggling.  The most I had ran before the race was probably 6 miles and that was maybe 1 or 2 times:).  So needless to say I was a little anxious to get it over with.  
Once again my goal was like last years and that was just to 
Well the results are in:
Chase finished in 1:37.04 which gave him a pace of 7:24.6/mile!!
DeAnna finished in 1:42:27.8 which gave me a pace of 7:48.3/ mile!!
(The best part is that I improved my time from last year by more than 30 minutes!!!)

The picture that I kept looking forward to and kept me going through the whole race.
Chase thought that I was funny for taking advantage of this... but I say, WHY NOT??

So until next year 
 I decide to run a full marathon before then..........
I have officially crossed 1/2 marathon off the bucket list TWICE!!!


Jason, Elisa, Connor and Megan said...

Great job on your race! You both did awesome!!