Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random/Cherished Moments from

Chloe & Kinley........

I love this picture.
They love bath time and were waiting so patiently.
I also love to see how different they are.

Dang the flash went off and they caught me:)

Chloe always asks if she can hold Kinley...
Needless to say I don't think she realizes that
Kinley is getting bigger and they almost weigh the same amount.

Chloe is very into her books.... she loves to read to herself and whoever else will listen... which ends up being Kinley most the time when I am not around.

Chloe loves to be the first to say, "good morning to Kinley!!"

Kinley is loving the sun in her swing!!

Kinley has finally figured out how to lift herself up to standing position and is loving all that she can finally see.

Chloe loves to ride her tricycle she got for Christmas... too bad its been cold (got to love Cedar:)) She finally got to take it out for a spin......she also decided that she can't leave her favorite tutu behind. The tutu goes everywhere with us lately (at home that is)!!

This was the popular position you would find Kinley in for about a week. Not only is she trying to pull herself up but yes she is teething. She only has her two, front, bottom teeth.

Not quite sure how..... Chloe started on the couch and ended up here... I didn't hear anything?

Chloe was pretty convinced that this pink golf set was meant for her and her daddy was proud!!

This is the story at our household since Chloe turned 2..... she never stops!!!!

Chloe loves it when I set her loose in my bathtub with the paints.

Poor Kinley, she literally freaked out the first time she saw a balloon. I think she might be a little more of a softy than Chloe. We finally got her to warm up by the next day when she saw Chloe playing with them. Now if we can get her stop freaking out with the vacuum.

Just love her so much!!

Chloe held still long enough for me to curl her hair...
she was pretty proud of the curls.

Chloe finally got her big girl bed back in January. She's done pretty good with it.