Saturday, April 14, 2012


Chloe and Kinley the week of Easter.
They are becoming more and more fun each day!!!

My good friend Julie has an Easter Egg Hunt at her house each year.
It was fun to go and have a child that "kind of" got the idea.

Chloe was more into the slide than the eggs.

Kinley on the other hand was just excited to sit and relax on the grass.
Thanks Julie for a fun time for the kiddos and yummy treats!!

Easter Weekend in Delta
It's kind of nice having a Holiday during tax season. It's an excuse/reason that Chase HAS to leave the office. It's also Chase's favorite holiday so that makes it that much easier!!

Chloe really got into dying the Easter Eggs!!

Kinley on the other hand was just enjoying having own space.

All the cousins except Kinley enjoying their suckers.

After dying Easter Eggs we went and visited the baby lambs.

Chloe was so excited to help Susan feed a bottle to the baby lamb.

Next was the Sand Dunes

Since Chase was little the Christensens either went to the sand dunes for Easter or Lake Mead. So it was fun to head to the dunes and play with the family.

Meghann and Kinley

The girls would love to get to the top so they could roll their eggs they painted earlier
down the sand hill.

Kinley was just enjoying all the dirt.

It was such nice weather.... we were covered in sand!!!

Easter Morning
The girls got spoiled by the Easter Bunny but they were more excited to just have Chase to themselves.

Kinley enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt, anything to put in her mouth!

Chloe was happy to have help from dad to find the eggs.

Happy Easter!!!


Brittany said...

Oh I'm so glad we are not the only family with the tradition of rolling eggs down the sand hills! I swear people are always looking at us like we are crazy when we do it! LOL PS your girls are so cute!