Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy 5 year anniversary

September 1, 2006 seems like it was just yesterday. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple for time & eternity. What a wonderful feeling that we have eternity. I am so thankful for Chase & the husband & father that he his. He has so much patience with me & I truly appreciate it.
Chase was in charge of our anniversary this year & he did very good. We spent the weekend in Vegas.... just the two of us. The first time we've ever left either of the girls overnight... even Chloe & she's almost 2. We didn't really care to do the Vegas thing but just really wanted to relax. We stayed at the Red Rock Resort West of the strip. It was so fun. We went to the outlets on our way & did some shopping for the girls. We then went to the hotel & didn't leave until we went home. I love how the hotels have all the entertainment you need. We spent the day at the pool, did some bowling, ate some yummy food & played BINGO with the old ladies. It was such a fun & much needed weekend.

The pool was so so much fun...

Yep, that's right I kicked his butt!!!

LOve yoU ChAseR!!! Happy 5 years!!!