Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July

Yes, we still made it to Delta for the 4th:) That's just one holiday you don't want to miss if you're from Delta. More than anything I just wanted Chloe to have fun at the parade & be with her cousins. I wasn't up for the park especially with having a baby that was only 5 days old.

Chloe had so much fun catching candy from the different floats with Chase.

By far the cutest picture of my Chloe & Chaser.

Smith cousins posing for their annual 4th of July picture.

The Christensens had a 4th of July BBQ & Aj helped the girls ride the horse.... can you tell Chloe was a having a blast. She can be such a cheeser for the camera if she wants!

This is a random picture that I had to post. We're trying to get caught up with our yard so Chloe has been helping take care of the trees that we just planted. She is such an outdoors girl. She cries when we have to go inside or whenever the door shuts & she is on the inside & not the outside.

Chloe has also been learning how to ride the bike at Grandma Chris's house.

While feeding Kinley one afternoon I was relaxing enjoying some peace & quiet while Chloe was sleeping.... well I thought she was? Little did I know she was figuring out how to climb out of her crib. So all of the sudden I heard a THUMP! I hurried & looked at the video monitor & there was no sign of Chloe in the crib.... then I heard a knock at the door followed with some tears... she's so stinkin cute. Sure enough that night Chloe's crib had a makeover... the toddler rails are on & she now has a BIG GIRL BED!!! She actually does really well with it. There has only been one time so far that she has fought going to sleep by crying at the door.

Lately we've been spending lots of time in St. George enjoying the weather. Chloe loves playing with her cousins Kelly & Haley.

While we're playing with cousins, guess what Chase is doing??? Yes, that's right he's golfing!!! :)