Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well life has been crazy for our family lately... I promise we're still alive!! During this busy time (tax season for Chase & school for me) I've been trying really hard to use my time wisely with Chloe when I am home.
So this post is for Chloe.... telling all the things I love about her!!!

The list could go on & on but here are some things that I LOVE ABOUT CHLOE....

I love.....

..... how when she wakes up in the morning she always comes & finds me with a morning hug & kiss.
..... how she always wants to comb my hair.
..... how excited she gets when music comes on so she can show us her dance moves:)
..... to watch her feed her baby a bottle. (She may put the nipple in her eye or ear, she may even be holding her upside down, but she has good intentions:)
..... when she runs to me when I pick her up from the babysitter
..... when she blows me kisses & waves while she & Chase watch me drive away in the morning.
..... when she sits in my lap so we can put her shapes together
..... when she helps me with laundry. She's actually pretty helpful. Everything she takes out she puts right back.
..... when I take her to the play ground & she doesn't want anything to do with the playground & just wants to run after weeds, sticks, garbage & leaves.
..... her smile when I finally convince her to try the slide at the playground
..... the smile she puts on other peoples faces:)
..... when she starts her own game of peek-a-boo
..... when she helps me cook dinner
..... when she grins at me super big with her 3 teeth (1 1/2 on top & 2 on bottom)
..... when she just wants me to hold her
..... when she holds still so I can rock her at night
..... her beautiful BLUE eyes
..... her cute little giggle
..... when she stops walking so she can get down & crawl over little curbs, bumps or piles of dirt, super cute!
..... her baby talk, the cutest jibber jabberer ever
..... that she is so good for every babysitter
..... when I put her in her crib at night she looks at me smiles & waves goodnight:)

We truly are so lucky for this little angel that Heavenly has blessed us with. I look forward for more memories!! Here are some fun pictures of Chloe!

Hiding under the table & thinks she's being sneaky!!

She loves to play "kitchen" under her highchair

Playing dress-up in a dress I wore when I was little

Keeping busy in the church gym while I serve in the library

Making friends at the park

Being a good citizen & picking up all the trash that people leave behind :)

Playing in the dirt at Uncle Greg's new/almost finished feedlot

Giving daddy loves

WE Love you SO SO much Chloe, thanks for your sweet spirit!!!


The Andersens said...

Dee, she is SO precious... I love the picture of her under the table. Too cute. shes getting so big!! Miss you guys!

Andrea said...

You're such a great mom!

Liz Szilagyi said...

I love that she picks up trash, how comical. She looks like an always happy and smiley little girl. Must take after her mom!