Sunday, January 2, 2011


We had our own little Christmas before we left for Delta on Christmas Eve Eve. It was just easier than packing everything. Chloe was pretty excited, don't think she even knew what was going on.
We started off by having a yummy Lasagna dinner (thanks to Stoffers, I'll do better next year:)) & then read the childrens book of the First Christmas. Then was the opening of some of the presents.

Chloe got to open her pjs that she'll be wearing Christmas Eve!

When we can't find Chloe she is usually in the front room playing the piano so we decided to get her some of her own instruments. I think we have a piano player on our hands.... I am pretty excited!!

Chloe loves to rip magazines apart so I figured she'd love this.... well... she ripped one piece & then took off so she could play with it. By the end of the holidays she was finally getting the idea.

Christmas Day!!!

Chloe got her own 4-wheeler, that she loves to ride & push the buttons.

She also got this 3-1 bike.

Kelly was pretty sure that they were going to have to share the bike... Chloe wasn't sure, but tried?

Chloe by Grandma Smith's Christmas tree.

Opening her presents... she got the Baby Einstein DVD collection

1st Christmas with the 3 of us. Crazy to think next year it will be 4!!!

Picture with my grandparents

Ellle got this for Christmas & Chloe was determined to play with it. She kept balancing her belly on the flat top part & tried to play superman. She is such a "dare devil" not sure if that is a good thing or not??


Chris said...

Christmas seems like a long time ago...kind of a haze, Nice to have pictures to remind us. Chloe is a living doll and so lucky to have such great parents.